Shielding Techniques

Shielding Techniques


Inevitably you will come across other psivamps or psychically draining people that might try to take energy from you.  The way to counteract this is by Shielding, or creating a psychic barrier so that no one can steal your energy or harm you from a different plane…i.e. astral, etheric…ECT.




Good shielding techniques are some of the essentials you should first learn.

One common practice though frowned upon (never the less it still happens) is for psivamps to test other psivamps….and also to feed on other psivamps.I want to first begin with a form of shielding that utilizes the same symbolism as the head-heart-hands method of directional feeding. It is really a basic, beginner shield; but nonetheless is effective. I’m asking you to use your hands in the beginning to create the same kind of Magickal response, a Magickal worker utilizes when using particular scents, oils or incense. (same basic principle).    This Shield is intended for even those who do not work with energy…(i.e. mundanes) 

Basic shield 1

Hold your hands in the following form (see fig 1). While doing so, envision a solid impenetrable wall, or white light forming around you like an egg or cocoon.  With your mind, envision your astral shell hardening, becoming rigid.

fig 1aura

Believe it is working…Belief might not seem important on this plane but it is everything in the spiritual planes. (also see “magickal formula “in the Glossary)

shield1fig 2

Another form of this shielding is the finger inter-lock technique… Exactly the same thing but using your thumb and middle fingers and interlocking them together (pic coming soon).

when you have mastered this…Now do it without using your hands as a reference..


Advanced Basic Shielding


Once your comfortable with basic shielding, now move on to this type of shield….Instead of an egg shape, I want you to form a Sphere.  A shield in an egg shape, can be penetrated, a sphere is less apt to be penetrated as quickly, though the draw back of this shield is that it does consume a bit of energy.

Moving shields

There are several types of shielding when you move beyond the first type of shielding. These shields focus on movement, as solid shields can be broken with psi-tendrils, and repeated psychic attacks. These shields vary in motion, energy modulation,  as well as energy consumption.  It is also important not to put crazy energy into  “Active” shielding, as such energy output in shielding can raise too many eyebrows, and invite the curiosity of other psivamps.. who would perhaps try to penetrate your shield just for fun or just to test it.

It is far better to have a “Reactive” shield, protective nonetheless, but reactive.


Waterfall/River  shielding

I have found This type of shielding to be very effective, as it is hard to penetrate the same spot twice because the shield is in constant motion.  The principle of this shield once you have the hard shell method down is to circulate the shielding letting it flow around you like “a waterfall” different areas flowing at different speeds modulating themselves…once you get this method down…its really low maintenance.


Chaotic shielding

The Chaotic shield is constantly moving , and ranodomly changing frequency, movement, and appearance. This type of shield is hard to penetrate, because a single or even repeated attempts at breaking this at the same spot is ussually ineffective.


 Fire Shield

The fire shield encompases the user like “the human torch” from the fantastic four… It burns off attacks, as its one of those elemental shields. Acommon external source would be the sun of course, or the earths core.

Spikey shield


Is exactly how it sounds, it may be a hard shell shield or a moving spike shield.

These nice cool looking shields look impressive but depending on the size they attract way to much curiosity…(I call it the menacing mouse shield). Since they are an active shield they do expend a lot of energy, and need attention in maintenance.  I mostly see a lot of newly awakends use this type of shield to be all big evil bad-assy… Most other Psi’s…really aren’t that impressed.


Active Offensive  Shieldingthis type of shielding also serves as an offense…when someone penetrates your shield with a tendril, you penetrate theirs with a tendril; therefore no energy will be lost.

 Mirror Shield

A mirror shield is commonly used among the pagan community, what it does is reflect the  attacks  back on the attacker, or reflects back negative energy…like a mirror…(Comically known as the”I’m rubber you’re glue” shield )



Empathic Shielding- Empathic shielding is typically not a direct assault on you (although it can be) it can be caused by traumatic events or people emoting to much on you..  In order for you not to be consumed by other peoples emotions it is necessary to be able to shield yourself this way also…This way you can differentiate your emotions from the ones you are around.



Cloaking- Cloaking is a technique that’s not easily explained how to do… It is a process by which one masks ones own energy signature.



In Conclusion This is just the beginning, eventually you will learn that shielding types are only limited by your imagination, and energy resources…If you learn these well, you will even discover you can power your shield externally.

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