In order to get along and understand what people are talking about in the vampire community its a great idea to study these terms. they will help you out immensely and make you sound like less of a newbie.


Aethyrs-see Etheric plane.

Adept – One who is skilled in magick.

Angels– from the Greek “angelos” meaning messenger, they are the divine messengers, Helping manifest things I this world. There are several orders of angels, Which include: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, (the first circle).  Dominions, virtues, powers, (second circle) Principalities, Archangels, and  Angels, (third circle). Within the last tier there were a group of angels called Watchers.

Anima/Animus-(from Carl Jung) As referring to the inner feminine in a man and the , inner masculine in a woman.

Akasha-The fifth element, Spirit.

Akashic records.-The stored collective conscious of all the universe, Infinite knowledge.

Ambient Energy-Energy generated by large crowds or the general atmosphere of a place.

Ambient feeding– To feed on the energy created and felt above large crowds..

Archetype-Inherited symbolic imagery  and knowledge common to all people..

Archetypal realm-The realm or plane in which the Archetypes are present and have significant meaning and Magickal context.

Ardeth-Vampires made through the process of extended sympathetic vampirism, or ritual.

Astral Plane-The plane or world beyond the physical and Etheric. a person can reach this plane by various methods, and when ones physical body dies.

Astral Body-The non-physical counterpart of yourself. your spirit/soul

Astral Projection– The ability to move outside of your physical body. it Can happen when you are asleep and during meditation..  Examples of this: are when you have flying dreams…or falling dreams and you jolt yourself awake…

Astral Vampire-A psychic vampire that exists on the astral plane..It can also be a skilled magician who’s physical body has died, but chooses to resist death and eventual rebirth by way of becoming a psychic vampire.

Aura-The subtle energy field that surrounds all living things. The aura is capable of changing colors depending on a mood or health of a person.

Awakening– The process or transition of moving from an unintentional vampire to an intentional vampire.(as referring to psychic vampires not Sanguines)


Baby Bat – A newly awakened vamp, or newcomer to the vampire community..aka a newbie.

Beacon – An energy signature given off by awakened individuals, and those that are about to awaken, It’s a way we can recognize our own.

Beast-The dark primal nature and urges in ourselves.
Blinking-The ability to manipulate space and time in such a way that one appears to be moving faster.


Cain -Son Of Adam, Who Killed his brother Abel and was exiled.

Chi– Vital energy force, a balanced energy force of positive and negative. A word derived from Taoism and Chinese thought..

Clairaudience – The faculty of “clear hearing”, the ability to hear sounds inaudible to the normal ear, such as “spirit” voices; a faculty analogous to clairvoyance, but considerably less frequently met with.

Clairvoyance– a psychic ability, that allows the person to see or find things.. (Clairvoyance) literally means “clear vision”.

Court– A monthly event for members of the Vampiric community usually held at a haven.

Cycling energy– The process of: Taking energy in, transmuting it, and releasing it back , as to not bring a whole room down


Dogma-A principle or belief system


Elder– A respected figure in the Vampire Community.

Elementals– Beings from the elemental realms, such as: Sylphs (air), Undines (water), Elves (earth), and Jinn (fire). Each corresponding to a particular element. Not to be confused with Otherkin, these beings exist solely in the elemental realms.

Emotional Vampire– It is important to note that there are two forms of emotional vampires; one is the psychological term of an emotionally needy person. This person may not technically be a vampire just an ordinary mundane that might have had something traumatize them, and they crave constant attention or emotional energy from a person…Unfortunately for the vampire community,  psychologists coined the term “psychic vampire”, to represent these emotional vampires…They are often called emotional leeches.  Without help, these types of people are usually incapable of having a normal healthy relationship.. But with therapy, they usually get better.
The other IS a Psychic  Vampire that feeds on emotion…

Empathy-The ability to know and feel someone else’s emotions psychically. Also see the psychic lessons section for further details

Enoch– Technically there were two Enoch’s, The one that was Caines Son; And the Enoch that was the father of Methuselah. The later created the “Book of Enoch 1 & 2”.
Though in Occult circles Cains Son , Enoch was also said to have created a “Book of Enoch “ of a more demonic nature.

Enochian Magick: A system of Angelick High Magick discovered by John Dee.

Equivalent Exchange– The process of which one sacrifices something of greater or equal value , in order to gain something in return…This philosophy is considered to be the one break in Karma.

Etheric Body-the subtle energy that permeates the physical body like a sheath. It is closer to the body than the astral Body.


Frenzy-To feed without control, or consideration for the donor.

Fruitbat– A clown, goofball; originally a derogatory remark meaning someone that is unstable, though some vamps oddly enough take pride in it.


Ghosts– Mostly harmless, human or animal earthbound spirits. They are most commonly tied to places, situations or physical objects.


Haven– A vampire night club, or safe place.

Head/heart/hands connection-The interconnection between what one is thinking, what one is feeling, and the intentional or unintentional correlation of the body language of the hands.

High Magick-A highly ritualized, highly ordered, and highly potent for of magick.
House-A group of vampires, who follow and are united by a specific set of beliefs, philosophies/ traditions.

Hybrids– Psi/Sang combo vampires. Vampires that draw their energy from both blood and Psi energy. .


Incubus– A male Sexual Vampire.

Intentional Vampire-A psychic vampire that is a awakened, hence is aware of the need and can control his or her feeding habits and is aware of the body posturing.



Karma-An Eastern belief that is the result of a  person’s actions and conduct.

Kirlian Photography– A type of electrical photography that allows the energy fields of living things to be photographed and printed. Auric and energy field colors are also visible with this type of photography

Kheperu– An Egyptian word meaning to transform.

Kepri-An Egyptian God associated with the sacred scarab. The Scarab, The God Kepri represents transformation.  Ancient Egyptians associated the scarab with renewal, rebirth and resurrection.

Kheprian– A type or group of vampires believe themselves to be among a specific family of people who received an Alteration to their energy body some thousands of years ago which made them vampires. House Kheperu is only one Kheprian organization, and not all
Kheprians agree with its teachings and practices. It needs to be emphasized that following the beliefs of House Kheperu does not make you a Kheprian, nor does being a Kheprian mean that you’re a member of House Kheperu.

Kherete– A person who follows the teachings of house Kheperu and the kheprian path, but who is not an actual member of house Kheperu. .

Kitra– A Vampire Counselor.

Klavasi-Latent vampire, a term created by the V.C. that isn’t widely used anymore.


Laying on of Hands-A form of alternative medicine, using less skill than Reiki.

Ley lines– Lines of powerful energy within certain types of geographical locations and outcroppings.

Lifestyler– One Who lives a vampire or gothic lifestyle but may not necessarily be a vampire.. Also see glamour Vamp.

Lilith/Lilit– In Jewish mysticism Lilith is the first wife of Adam, who is eventually cast out of Eden. She refused to comply with Adam’s demand that she be sexually beneath him, she was first to be caste out of Eden. To Some Lilith is considered to be a queen of demons and the first Vampire.


strong>Magick-Magick is a means by which using the magickal formula, one can affect the outcome of the greater reality/universe., though it is still bound by the laws of this universe for the most part.. Magick with a “K” is used, in order to differentiate itself from “stage magick”

Magickal Formula– Thought + (will or intent) + Energy = Magick

Magickal Construct-A magical manipulation or entity (usually non-sentient) created to manage certain tasks, or perform certain functions. I.E. cleansing or protection from certain spiritual entities.. Though created non-sentient, some constructs if used for a long enough amount of time seem to gain a form of sentience.

Medium – A medium is someone who is sensitive to ‘vibrations from the spirit world’ and who is able to convey messages i.e. relays a message from a departed relative. Or ‘gives voice’ to a spirit/ghost at a particular location

Mundanes-Normal Humans, -see Jock (kidding).. the term we use for everyday people, not necessarily skilled in psychic phenomenon.

Mradu– A Vampire Warrior.


Nephilim-The Children of Human woman and a group of angels called “Watchers”. The Nephilim were giants and were referred to as the “men of great and terrible renown”. They were said to have taught the people sciences and magic’s, and “to wear makeup”. Unfortunately they were poor swimmers. They were drowned in a big flood, aka the Noah’s Ark story.

Nil– See Mundanes


Otherkin-One Who is other Souled.  Or has a soul or multiple souls in one’s body that is not human, who believes him- or herself to be not fully human, generally only on a spiritual level. Some examples of this are: Elenari, Dragonkin, fae, Weres, Therianthropes.


Pagan- A pagan is a general term for a polytheist

Prana– Life Energy, vital force

Psi– A designation for both (ESP) and (PK) that was proposed in 1946 by the psychologists Drs. Robert Thouless and W. P. Weisner.  It’s also the twenty-third letter of the Greek alphabet commonly used in parapsychology to include both phenomena of ESP and PK because both are closely related.

Psionic– The teaching, practice, and manipulation; of energy to achieve specific effects which may include but is not exclusive to psychic phenomenon.

Psivamp-A shortened word for psychic vampire that is commonly used in the O.V.C. and vampire community at large.

Psychic– One Who has ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) such as , Empathy, telepathy, precognition, prescience, telekinesis, or clairvoyance.

Psychic Rape-Entering a person’s mind without permission, also remote viewing from that persons eyes while they are in an intimate situation and it is not invited.

Psychic Vampire– (psychological) -See Emotional Vampire

Psychic Vampire– A condition of the spirit,  by which one needs to obtain vital energy from outside sources.    They are unable to generate their own energy, and often times don’t have the best capacity to store the energy they do have .

Psyvamp-A shortened word for psychic vampire, which refers to psychic vampires who are psychic.


Quinotaur– A sea creature often associated with Merovech and the Merovingian line.

Quinotauri -A member of House Quinotaur


Ramkht- A vampire priest.

Remote Viewing-The Process by which one finds/or sees an object where that person has never been ..Also associated. with clairvoyance

Reiki- “Rei” means spirit, and  “Ki” means the universal life energy. It is a form of medicine popularized by Mikao Usui of Japan. A Reiki practitioner heals the physical body through the manipulation of the subtle bodies of the patient…Much of the Reiki the practitioners or masters  in the United States learn is on a 3 level system, different skill levels receive different attunements.

Reiki Master– One who has completed all the instruction and attunements of Reiki

Reincarnation– The belief that when you die your spirit lives on to continue and may choose to be reborn on the physical plane again.

Ritual– A structured Magickal ceremony with intent.


Sang- A Blood Drinker/vampire, Short For Sanguine…I’m not qualified to comment, So If you are one, please Check out: Http://www.sanguinarius.org

Second Death– Death of the astral body

Setian-A worshiper of the God Set.

Sensitive – The term sensitive, often interchangeable with psychic, refers to a person with psychic powers, but eschews communication with the dead, instead concentrates on the experience of emotion and feelings. A sensitive is thus distinguished from the medium, or channel. A medium is usually also a sensitive.

Sexual Vampire-A psychic vampire that feeds on sexual/tantric energy and arousal.

Shielding-A Common protection method against psychic attack, and being fed upon.

Succubus-A female sexual vampire/demon. Common names are lilith and Nahemah.

Silver Cord– A subtle energy cord located in the third chakra that connects the physical and astral bodies, as well as supplying energy.

Sin Nomine-Without a name. A form of punishment and banishment within the vampire community. Community members are encouraged to avoid all acknowledgement and contact with these individuals.

Subtle Body-as referring to the etheric or astral bodies.

Subtle Reality-A minor reality, in which one can work through.

Spirit-deriving from the latin meaning “Breath”, it is the substance of the soul.

Symbiotic-A Psychic vampire that feeds solely on negative energy.


Tantra- Sacred Sex, A path to enlightenment. Tantric practices raise exorbitant amounts of energy. Originally Hindu and Buddhist, but has many different branches, and has recently gained popularity with the new age movement.

Tantric Vampire– A sexual vampire

Tao-A spiritual path that literally means “The Way”.

Tendril-An extension of the subtle body that works as a way to drain and obtain energy from a distance.

Thresholds-See Veils


Unintentional Vampire-An unawakened psychic vampire, generally considered to be more dangerous than “intentionals”, because they are unaware that they are draining and can’t control it.


Vampyre– A variation of the spelling, originally acknowledged by the vampire community, to distinguish themselves from the vampires of folklore… Some use it, some don’t…

Veils-Doorways or gateways of perception through which one must traverse, in order to go to the otherside.


Wicca- A Peaceful Goddess Based Earth religion, that celebrates the seasons and the wheel of the year. There are many different Traditions , which have their own take, and celebrate various deities that are important to them. They ARE NOT Satanic….they don’t even believe in the Devil




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