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Medium Amanda: A Fast-Moving Psychic Scam That Everyone Should Avoid

Medium Amanda doesn’t pull any punches. She’s straight in there as soon as you land on her website. Expect to be drawn in; she won’t give you a second to gather your thoughts.  

Amanda’s approach is fast-paced and interactive. She accomplishes this through a chat screen that is one of her landing pages. As soon as you land on the website, it will seem as though Amanda is messaging you and asking you questions.  

She also has a way of providing you with what appears to be proof that she is connecting to you, so it’s hardly surprising that so many people fall for this scam. Find out more about why we say this is a scam and how Medium Amanda’s website works further on in this review.  

But in the meantime, if you need a reliable reading from a genuine psychic here’s a link to one of our top-rated psychic services. These are the guys you can trust.  

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Who Is Medium Amanda?

When you land on Medium Amanda’s website, you won’t know who she is. There is a simple image of her, a chat screen, and if you look carefully enough, you’ll find the terms and conditions and privacy policy. To find out more about Amanda, you’ll need to follow the prompts on her chat. These prompts will require your email address and it’s only after you’ve entered this that Amanda will reveal more about her.

To save you the hassle of trying to find Amanda’s ‘about me’ page, this is what she has to say about herself:

A Not So Secretive, Secretive Person

One of the first things she says is ‘I have no secrets’ whatsoever’.  Yet in her chat messages when you first click on the website, she states that the interactions between the viewer and her are secret.

Hmmm, does anybody else notice the double standards here?

Special Powers

Amanda claims to have ‘inherited her special powers from her mother’s bloodline’.  

All phony psychics claim to have special ‘powers’ yet you never see a real psychic make such claims. That’s because real psychics know that they are blessed and should serve others with humility.

Tragic Premonitions

Apparently, and according to Amanda’s website, when Amanda was small, she had premonitions of her parent’s tragic car accident in which they both died. But she claims that she didn’t share her vision with her parents.

Wow! She went there.

This statement is perfectly designed to disarm somebody and invoke compassion and kindness. Who wouldn’t feel sorry for somebody who not only lost both parents when she was small but also predicted the situation and didn’t say anything?

Any kind and compassionate person will be in a state of forgiveness if they encounter anybody who alludes to such a harrowing experience. In this instance, most people will give somebody a pass and forget any alarm bells they have raised because of what they’ve been through. Stories like this invoke emotion and a sense of connection. The people behind Amanda know this, which is why they created this narrative.

It’s way below the belt.

Building A Fake Connection With You

Because of her past, Amanda knows ‘like no other what it feels like to be unhappy’. But she also claims to have found the spiritual power to overcome this.

The statements above are more attempts from Amanda designed to invoke a feeling of compassion and connection from you. They are also intended to inspire hope that if Amanda can get through such tragic circumstances, then she can help you overcome yours.

Don’t be fooled. We doubt that Amanda even knows what it feels like to lose a parent because she’s a character made up by a dodgy internet marketing company!

Serving Others Generously

“Nowadays, I apply all my psychic abilities full-time to be of service to those who need it.”

Read; ‘I apply all of my phony psychic abilities full time to be of service for anybody who is vulnerable right now and willing to pay for help.’

We might sound harsh, but we’ve seen it all before.

You are much better off with a live reading, from a verified and independently-rated psychic. This type of psychic is always live. You can physically talk to them via phone or video. They also focus on your life, not on creating new problems.

What Services Does Medium Amanda Provide?

Amanda will send you emails, and the first one will be a free reading. She’ll attempt to sell you a talisman, or psychic service that will bring you increased fortune via email. If you landed on Amanda’s ‘chat page’, you’ve just fallen into the spider’s web. You’ll need to be aware that through her automated conversation with you, she is using suggestive language. This language is designed to make you feel compelled into buying products or services from her.

We don’t like this approach, it’s manipulative, and there’s more about that coming up next.

There is also a more traditional home page, which contains Amanda’s story and a link to buy a reading for $89. It won’t matter whether it’s the free reading or a paid one, they won’t be real readings. Instead, you’ll receive hypnotic sales copy designed to trick you into purchasing more products or services from Amanda, and they’ll keep sending you this type of sales copy until you decide you’ve had enough and unsubscribe.

How Do We Rate the readings from Medium Amanda? 

You can see how ‘Medium Amanda’ operates even from her chat, where she didn’t waste any time in attempting to invoke fear, curiosity, and false hope. This strategy is an example of how her readings will go and also how she sets you up to spend money with her; by creating problems and then solving them. In this example, the problems Amanda has created for you are;

  1. That you are about to experience a bright future, but it’s blocked, and protection is required.
  2. Somebody you love who has passed over is trying to contact you but hasn’t got through yet.

That’s enough of a suggestion for most people to feel inclined to engage with Amanda, even if they don’t believe.

Here is an example of some of the conversations that occurred in the first chat box we discovered:

‘I see a woman with brown hair next to you.’

I have brown hair, but so do many others. It’s a broad statement that most people can relate too. I also have a profile picture attached to my email address, which she has already received. Amanda may use location as a confirmation too, which can be found through your computer or phone’s IP address.

‘I have seen you in my dreams.’

‘I have a very strong feeling that I need to share with you the visions I have had about you.’

She hasn’t seen me in my dreams; this is a standard script used on everyone.

‘The stars are aligned for you.’

‘The future looks bright, and everything will align’…

This statement is a suggestion that invokes false hope:

‘There is a risk of disturbances’

‘Influences that are standing in the way of your happiness.’

In this statement, Amanda informs you that you won’t be able to get to your ‘bright future’ because she has seen that something is getting in the way of it. But she doesn’t tell you what is blocking your success because she’s going to let you know what that is via email.

Nothing is standing in your way though; this is all just emotional trickery.

‘The right kind of protection is essential.’

Of course, it would be wouldn’t it Amanda! Let us guess; it’s Amanda who can provide the right kind of protection. This statement sets you up for a sale.

You can be sure that Amanda will attempt to sell you something that will protect you, and in our experience, it’s a fake talisman.

‘I am having another vision.’

‘A person who is no longer with us.’

Its presence is not very strong yet

‘It feels like this person wants to make contact.’

So now some people might believe a deceased loved one is trying to connect with them. And most people in this situation will want to find out more. The ‘presence not being strong’ is a great excuse for Amanda not to give more information.

‘This is our secret.’ 

‘All positive changes will reach you.’

‘As soon as I am done, you will receive my revelations.’

‘This is our secret and your privacy matters.’

We are not entirely sure why Amanda would like her messages to be a secret. Perhaps it’s to invoke a sense of mystery and magic or to protect the company who runs Medium Amanda from the consequences for their manipulative ways. Perhaps it’s both?

‘I will spend the necessary hours on this.’

‘There is hope.’

You can be sure that the reference to the necessary hours will invoke a sense of guilt or obligation. Amanda implies that she has worked on the report she’s about to send to your email for hours which means that you are more likely to buy from her.

The thing is, this email will be automated and used on everyone. Sure, it probably did take hours to write in the first instance, but that was because it was designed to make you part with your money while believing that you are receiving some genuine guidance when you are not.

Is Medium Amanda Legit?

Not at all, this is another fake psychic. You’ll do well to avoid her and check out a legit psychic from one of our top-rated psychic services such as Psychic Source. Even if you feel concerned by any suggestions that Amanda has made, it’s wise to get a second opinion from a verified psychic medium. There are plenty of those on Psychic Source like Selene (extension 8938).

How Does the Service from Medium Amanda Compare To That of Psychic Source?

Website Navigation

The navigation at Psychic Source is immaculate. The site is modern and has been built to meet all of your requirements as a customer. Psychic Source is a very ethical company. They make sure that you feel considered even through their web-browsing experience.

On the Medium Amanda site, on the other hand, there’s not too much to explore. The terms and conditions are slightly hidden, and there are only one or two pages, so everything is easy to find.

Quality of The Readings

We’ve already explained in detail how and why ‘Medium Amanda’s’ readings are fake, manipulative, and canned; and poor quality, to say the least. Psychic Source, on the other hand, hosts a variety of readers. All of whom have been recruited and verified by Psychic Source. Psychic Source also monitors their psychics as they work to ensure that their stringent ethical policies are properly implemented.

Choice of Services

We acknowledge that with any independent psychic, you only have a limited choice of reading styles. That’s because most psychics only master a few psychic disciplines. So, with Amanda, you only receive the automated readings we have already mentioned.

If Amanda was a legit psychic delivering unique and personal readings, then this lack of choice would be understandable. Since she is not genuine, however, we are not giving her any passes!

With Psychic Source, you’ll have access to tarot card readings, astrology reports, rune readings, and psychic medium readings and they’ll be live, either via phone, video or chat.

The only type of readings that Psychic Source doesn’t offer tend to be spells and some forms of fortune telling.


Amanda charges $89 for a fake psychic email reading, and she probably has a variety of other products and services that she will promote via email. You’d be wise not to trust any of them though!

Psychic Source is clear about their prices; each psychic chooses the price they want to charge, and fees can range from $4 per minute upwards. Although, if you are a new customer, you enjoy your first reading for $1 per minute.

Service Guarantees 

There’s no money-back guarantee or any other service guarantee with Amanda. But you do receive a full satisfaction guarantee from Psychic Source!

Quality of Reviews

Amanda’s testimonials could easily have been placed there by whoever is sending out fake readings! There’s no way that we can assume that they are genuine. Whereas the real-time reviews available at Psychic Source allow you to see the good, the bad, and the ugly so you can decide which psychic looks good according to your own standards.

The Psychic Verification Process

We can’t verify Amanda positively, because all we have is evidence of fake readings, manipulative suggestions, and scams. Amanda does nothing to prove herself using external sources at all. Even her image is a stock image. So this means that she is not verified.

Psychic Source goes out of their way to explain how they verify their psychics. They make sure that they only have the best psychics and maintain standards by monitoring them too. This thus offers you peace of mind that your money is well spent if you use them.

This is also an example of how an excellent psychic provider operates. As you see, Amanda’s work ethic and standards are poles apart from the best psychic providers, and you don’t pay any more money to use the better service!

Medium Amanda Is Yet Another Very Manipulative Fake Psychic!

We don’t like anything about Amanda’s service and we have found plenty of evidence that she is a fake character. Her website delivers canned readings that don’t help you; they hinder you. We strongly suggest that you avoid this ‘psychic’ no matter how compelled she makes you feel to purchase a reading from her.

We can guarantee though that the psychics you find at our top-reviewed psychic providers listed below are legit, monitored, verified and real.

Here Are Our Top Rated Psychic Providers

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

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