How to Become a Psychic: Guide to Psychic Training, Development and Jobs!

photo woman and moonDid you know that everyone has psychic abilities? It’s true! Everyone is born with the potential to develop their psychic abilities, and with some psychic training, taking your powers to the next level is easier than you might think! And for those of you who have a real knack for receiving intuitive information – there are psychic jobs out there for you too!

What is the best way to develop my psychic abilities?

photo road to the starsThe first step toward psychic development is learning what the different psychic powers are and how they work. Check out our guide to psychic abilities here. The most familiar psychic abilities are called the ‘clairs.’ The four most common ‘clairs’ are clairvoyance (clear-sight), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairaudience (clear hearing), and claircognizance (clear knowing).

A common theme with all of these abilities is a heightened sense of sight, feeling, or hearing, that goes beyond what most people can perceive in the physical world. All of these psychic abilities involve being able to receive messages through extrasensory perception.

A person with clairsentience for example, will have such a heightened sense of empathy, that they can actually feel what other people are feeling just by connecting with them. Someone with clairvoyance may receive visions of things that others cannot see.

Since everyone has some degree of extrasensory perception, how can one develop these talents further?

Once you have familiarized yourself with the different kinds of psychic abilities, the next step is to self-evaluate.

Are you a very empathic person? Do you sometimes feel really sad after someone shares their feelings of sadness with you? This might be a clue that you have a heightened sense of empathy and might be clairsentient.

Or maybe you have really vivid dreams? Or a heightened sense of hearing. Or maybe sometimes you just know things and you can’t explain why?

After studying the list of psychic abilities, you can make a list of those powers that resonate with you. And if you want to go even further, there are also online psychic tests available! I would take these tests with a grain of salt because psychic abilities are notoriously difficult to prove.

You probably don’t need them in order to discover your powers anyway, but it might be kind of fun to try!

What are psychic tests?

Psychic Source TestPsychic tests are either a series of questions or a set of games that try to tease out if you have any personality traits or tendencies that are indicative of a certain psychic ability. Some of these games and quizzes can analyze specific abilities more closely. Either way, these tests are not definitive but can open your mind to possibilities and help you to become more aware of skills you already have!

The website Psychic Source is a good example. They have a really easy and fun psychic test on their website. I tried it and it only took me about one minute.

The test asked me a series of “often, sometimes, never” questions and in the end gave me a suggestion about what my powers might be. I got “intuitive psychic!” Try it out and see what you get and if it feels right!

Another website called psychic experiences offers a whole list of tests and games that you can use to confirm what you might already know. You probably already know it if you have psychic abilities, but it can be fun to try the quizzes and games anyway!

How do I start my psychic development?

1. The Do it Yourself Way

There are lots of things in your everyday life that you can do to further your psychic development. The key to any kind of psychic training is improving your ability to receive intuitive information. So the first step is to take what you already have and try to become more perceptive!

Tips for improving clairvoyance

1. Practice Visualization

Let’s say you want to improve your powers of clairvoyance. The first thing you can do is practice visualization. Just by focusing on specific pictures, scenes or images in your mind’s eye, you can begin to refine your powers of clairvoyance.

There are also psychic development games that you can play. For example, take the game called ‘Memory’ that you probably played as a kid. Now instead of just trying to memorize where the cards are, actually try to see through the cards and visualize what each card is. You probably won’t guess them all right away, but with time and patience, you clairvoyant powers will increase.

2. Use the powers of crystals

photo clear quartzThere are also tools out there that can help you tap into your clairvoyant powers. Using crystals can be a really effective way to open up your third eye chakra, especially stones like lapis lazuli and clear quartz.

Place a crystal on your forehead when you meditate or carry them with you throughout the day. Not only will this remind you to stay focused on your powers of observation, but the energy these crystals emit will also help you with your work.

3. Dreamwork

photo dreamcatcherDo you have vivid dreams? Try keeping a dream journal. We often receive our most powerful messages while sleeping, and most of them come in vivid dreams.

When our conscious mind is asleep, our subconscious has the ability to freely open up the channels of communication with spirit guides, energies, and messengers.

Keep a dream journal next to your bed and write everything down the moment you wake up. And don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense!

Whatever you write down will be like an anchor to your dream, and it will help you to remember your dreams as well, even if it sounds funny on paper. And be sure to put the date on the journal entry. You might be surprised later when you revisit your dream journal! 

In our dreams, we often receive clues about things that will happen in the future. However, the messages are not always clear. So, revisiting our dream journal at a later date can help put things into perspective. Plus its super fun and effortless!

Another important thing to do is to set an intention for your dreams before you go to sleep. If you meditate on a question or situation, you will probably receive guidance o the subject while you are sleeping.

You can even meet other people in your dreams or have a shared dreaming experience. Write someone’s name on a little piece of paper and fold it three times and put it under your pillow before you go to sleep. You might be surprised by an email or phone call the next from your friend saying they had a dream about you!

Dreams are very powerful tools to help us build our psychic powers.

Tips for developing your clairsentience

One technique for improving your clairsentient abilities is through Psychometry. This is learning about objects by touching them and feeling their energy to gather more information.

Ask a friend to bring you a small collection of items that you can practice with. Ask them to choose small items that can easily fit into your hand. Something that is used a lot, will carry more energy and might be easier for you to read. Also, metal items like jewelry, absorb and hold a lot of energy.

photo necklace

Sit somewhere quiet and focus your energy. Rub your hands together until you can feel the heat building between your palms. This will get your energy flowing.

Hold the object in your hands and breathe deeply. Focus your mind and concentrate to see if you receive any visual images, sudden emotional feelings or messages. Don’t judge, and just make a note of what comes to you. Anything is fine.

If you feel like you aren’t receiving any messages, you can ask yourself some of these basic questions:

  1. Does this belong to a man or a woman?
  2. Does the owner seem happy or sad to you?
  3. Does the owner have any children?
  4. What kind of work might the owner do?

Write down whatever comes to mind without any judgment or fear. When you are finished, talk to your friend about the items, and compare your notes with what they tell you. Did you pick up on anything?

Most importantly, don’t give up! It takes us time and effort to learn to walk and talk, so it will take some time for this kind of psychic development as well!

Tips for developing clairaudience

Start listening! Most of us live in a pretty busy and noisy world, so we get accustomed to tuning out unpleasant sounds. From car horns to chirping birds, in a world of overstimulation, we begin to miss a lot!

Next time you are walking past the park, listen to the leaves crunching under your feet. photo bird in treeListen for the birds – how many do you hear? What about the wind rustling the trees and the cracking branches? Or maybe you can hear bees buzzing or the dripping of water somewhere.

While you’re waiting in line at the grocery store listen for all of the different sounds. Can you hear the clicking of the cash register? Someone rustling through their coin purse?

If you practice this a little bit every day, you will be surprised by how strong your auditory powers can become. And eventually, you might begin hearing things from beyond our physical world as well.

Psychic development training programs

If you really want to go full steam ahead, you can also sign up for psychic training programs.

These programs are not cheap and require a lot of time commitment, but some definitely allow you to work with experienced psychic mentors who can guide you during your psychic development and training.

One benefit of a psychic training program is being able to practice regularly with other psychics. Sometimes we learn the most from our peers and through experience. Here is a list of some of the top psychic schools.

How do I become a professional psychic?

So, whether or not you decide to do a professional psychic training program, there are some basic steps you can follow to get yourself ready to become a professional psychic.

First, start out by practicing on friends and family. That is the best way to get some real experience without having to worry about bad reviews! People you trust can give you gentle guidance and insight into what resonated with them and what you need to work on.

Second, decide where you want to work and what kinds of readings you want to give! Do you want to start your own local business and work face to face with your clients? Consider visiting your local New Age store and offering your services. They might be interested in letting you host readings in their store, or at the very least, you may be able to hang a poster advertising your services!

Or maybe you want to go the online route? There are many established online psychic sites that have a large roster of psychics. Study the company and make sure that they are reputable! You wouldn’t want to get mixed up with a site that is known for scams!

Be sure that the company you choose matches your own spiritual ethics. A company that guarantees its services, has information about best practices for avoiding scams (insert internal link) and offers things like the first free minutes free or a money back guarantee, is probably a good bet for you if you are serious about the quality of the work you want to present.

Pros and Cons of Psychic Training


  • Lots of free do it yourself options
  • Help you get in touch with your own abilities
  • Make you more preceptive and better able to support friends and loved ones
  • Can even lead to employment


  • Training Programs can be expensive
  • Training Programs can take a heavy time commitment
  • Beware of scam sites – they can hurt you as an employee too

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