I-Ching Readings: How to Find ACCURATE I-Ching Readers

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I-Ching readings are great for people who want guidance making decisions about very specific things. One of the oldest forms of divination, I-Ching lends itself well to helping people see the consequences of their choices. Seeing these deeper truths can help you decide which decision will lead you to the best outcome.

Do you take the job in the new town, or do you stay where you are? I-Ching can help you see where each path will lead. And with so many great psychic websites out there offering readings with accurate I-Ching readers, its never been easier to get your reading – even for free!


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What is I-Ching?

The I-Ching, also called the Book of Changes, is an ancient Chinese Oracle and system of divination. In fact, it is the oldest divination system in the world! Some scholars date it back to 10,000 BC! The book is a collection of stories and experiences from diviners and sages that was put together over thousands of years. It was originally intended to be used as a manual for divination, and was actually based on an even earlier text called, “The Changes of Zhou,” or Zhou yi, which literally means “changes,” hence its name, “The Book of Changes.” It incorporates oral traditions and offers advice, guidance, philosophy, and poetry.

The book consists of 64 chapters, each represented by a different hexagram. Each hexagram represents and different combination of yin and yang. More than just divination tools, these hexagrams also incorporate ancient Chineses wisdom in music, medicine, art, martial arts, math, and astronomy! The definitions for the hexagrams are generally credited to three famous sages: Confucius, Fu Xi, and King Wen of Zhou. Talk about a complex system!

Groups of six lines that either form a broken or solid shape. The method of reading these hexagrams is quite complex, but most versions nowadays offer translations that clarify the methods. Each hexagram is associated with an image that shows the way that energy flows through each changing situation. The lessons are organized around general concepts that include:

  • Creating
  • Learning
  • Beginning
  • Ending
  • Waiting


How to read the I-Ching

The ancient form of divination called I-Ching can give you insight into your current situation and also its potential future outcome. Just like with other forms of divination, the person casting the coins will think about the question that they are seeking answers to while casting the coins. The shapes that the coins make correspond to the hexagrams in The Book of Changes.

In ancient times, readers would cast 50 yarrow stalks and determine the corresponding hexagrams from the way they fell. Today, most readers use three identical coins. The first toss of three coins represents the bottom line of the hexagram, the second toss the middle, and the third the top. This continues building upwards until the coins have been cast 6 times.

Whether the coins land heads or tails is also taken into consideration by the I-Ching reader, where different combinations of heads or tails represent solid or broken lines. A broken line indicates “yin” energy – energy that is moody, passive and earthy. An unbroken line indicates “yang,” the masculine energy, which is fiery, bright and active.

The first hexagram represents the querents present state of affairs in terms of the question that is being asked. For divining the future, each line of the current hexagram needs to be converted into its opposite. Then the Book of Changes is consulted, bearing both the present and the future hexagrams in mind.

As you can see, I-Ching is quite complicated! There are great psychics out there who are well versed in the I-Ching, the hexagrams, and the skills needed for divining the future.


I-Ching symbols and meanings

Each hexagram in the book is associated with a name, image, concept, and interpretation. According to the I-Ching, the principal powers of nature are all different combinations of yin and yang. There are eight of these powers, which are expressed in Trigrams, or three-line combinations. Each of these Trigrams is linked to the forces that make up our universe. How cool is that?

Here are a couple of examples, but if you want to read more, you can find all eight of them here!

Dragon – Ch’ien – Heaven
Attribute: Strength and creativity
Animal: Horse
Body part: Head
Family member: Father
Direction: Northwest

Dragon is symbolized by three yang lines – the unbroken lines. This Trigram is completely yang and represents the masculine positive creative force. In Chinese mythology, the Dragon rules the clouds and the water and is the father of all things. This Trigram represents all of the attributes like dynamism, courage, creativity and action. It is much like the sun in astrology. It rules the head and the mind.

Earth – K’un – The Receptive
Attribute: Docility and receptivity
Animal: Ox
Body part: Belly
Family member: Mother
Direction: Southwest

This Trigram is represented by three broken lines, or three yin lines, and is completely feminine in nature. It represents fertility. As the mother of all things, this Trigram is the creative principle, devoted, dark, warm and receptive. Some of the aspects it rules over are receptivity, caution, obedience and respect, and stands for all things emotional. Older wise women are ruled by this Trigram and it is the exact opposite of the Dragon. Physically, it rules over the womb, the stomach and the lower part of the body.

Thunder – Chen – The Arousing
Attribute: Movement, initiative, and action
Animal: Dragon
Body part: Foot
Family member: Eldest son
Direction: East

This Trigram is a mix of yin and yang, symbolized by two yin lines and one yang. Its energy is turbulence, shock, and arousal. Like the eldest son in the family, it represents the beginning the birth of an idea, event or individual. It offers a brand new perspective, a pleasant surprise or some kind of improvement in a situation. The parts of the body that it rules are the liver and the feet and deals with all forms of communication.


Why consult the I-Ching?

photo pathGetting an I-Ching reading is not that different from a Tarot reading, except that it tends to focus more on the options that you face and the potential outcomes, rather than all of the background information you will receive in a tarot reading. There is a lot of personal interpretation with an I-Ching reading because its messages are communicated via poetic parables.

Because the I-Ching is so complex, many experts recommend that you work with a trained professional. This will enable you to receive a much deeper understanding of your reading and how it applies to the situation at hand. A professional I-Ching reader will be able to read between the lines and will capture the nuances of the hexagram you cast and how it applies to the present situation.

The I-Ching will show you the opportunities and challenges associated with a decision that you are contemplating. By revealing present truths, it helps you make the right decisions for this moment. It will show you the effects that your choices are likely to have and can then guide you in creating a strategy to achieve your desired outcome. So, if you have questions about what choices to make in your current situation to achieve the outcome you desire, the I-Ching can be a great way to gain clarity and wisdom!


Why I-Ching over other methods?

The I-Ching will give you straightforward answers, and sometimes that is just what we need! I-Ching is often used to achieve clarity around such questions as:

  • Making big decisions
  • Relationships
  • Personal growth
  • Achieving specific goals

So, if you’re lucky enough to be offered two jobs at once and you don’t know which one to choose, the I-Ching can help show you the likely outcome of each path! Because the I-Ching brings you into connection with something unchanging and fundamental, the insight gives you control over your future by empowering you to make changes that will bring the best possible outcome.

I-Ching can bring harmony to relationships, help to strengthen and deepen spiritual practice, and has helped lawyers through high profile cases and things like investment decisions. Straightforward and frank, I-Ching has a definite place on the menu of divination!

So, if you don’t have time to master the I-Ching yourself, and you feel that an I-Ching reading is right for you, where do you find the best reader?


The Best, Accurate I-Ching Readers

screenshot free online I-ChingIf you’re curious about I-Ching or just want to give it a try before spending any money, try a free online I-Ching reading! I stumbled across this website and found their online I-Ching reading incredibly accurate. And it was completely free! I didn’t even have to sign up or give them my email.

You can type in your question if you like, though it is optional. Then simply click the button to cast the coins and you will receive a detailed breakdown of the energies surrounding your issue.

There is even an option to download the results so you can keep them for later. Additionally, there is an online community where you can share your reading with others and discuss the meaning of the messages.

If you want to get more involved and have a professional reader will delve deeply into the meanings of your hexagrams, then we recommend one of our trusted partner sites. There are lots of ways to get free readings or really cheap introductory offers. Many of our partner sites offer the first few minutes free, or really cheap per minute rates for new customers. Additionally, these sites guarantee their work and protect your privacy, so you never have to worry about your private reading being posted publicly.

There are a lot of fake psychics and scams out there, and this applies to I-Ching readings the same way that it applies to any other kind of psychic reading. Be sure to follow our best practices to find the best, accurate I-Ching reader, and avoid getting caught up with a fake psychic.

Our partner websites have great filters on their websites so that you can search through their roster of readers to find the one with the skills that are right for you. Additionally, with all of the reviews and 5-star ratings, you can be sure to find a reputable reader.

Take these 5 steps to find the best I-Ching reader

  1. Study up on the different psychic abilities and choose the right one for you
  2. Try out the free online I-Ching readings to get familiar with how they are done
  3. Visit our partner websites and find your perfect match
  4. Remember our best practices and take your I-Ching reader for a free test drive
  5. Schedule your full reading if you are happy with your choice!


Our favorite I-Ching readers

screenshot VisionaryGuOranum has a wonderful live stream on their website where you can watch your chosen I-Ching reader live in action. It’s a nice way to see if their energy and style resonates with you.

For example, VisionaryGu is an 8-time 1st place award winner and has five stars. You can watch her live here. On Oranum, you pay with credits, so you will never spend more than you intend to, and they offer 9.99 free credits for new users!

kasmaba logo

Another great website for finding accurate I-Ching readers is Kasamba.com. Angel Wolf Vision specializes in I-Ching readings and has over 4,378 reviews! You can send her an email with your question and you will receive a response shortly. It’s only $10-$20 for simple questions and a bit more if research needs to be done. Kasamba also has special offers for new customers like the first three minutes free, so you can always try out a reader and then decide if you want to schedule a full reading.

On Psychic Source, you can also filter through many available readers and choose between phone, chat or video readings, or visit AskNow for special $1 per minute readings! Check out these sites and let us know how your I-Ching reading goes!


Pros of an I-Ching Reading

  • Get straightforward answers to specific questions
  • Make decisions to achieve your desired outcome
  • Lots of free and inexpensive options


Cons of an I-Ching Reading

  • Difficult to learn
  • More complicated to interpret
  • Look out for scams and fake readers

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