Phone Psychics: How to Find Psychics for Live Chat, SMS & Text

Is it really that easy to get a great reading from a phone psychic on a psychic chat or another mobile app? The short answer is “Yes!” We all find ourselves trying to find the light in a dark storm from time to time.

We think about seeing a psychic for help but just don’t have the time to make an appointment across town. Or maybe we feel overwhelmed by the prospect of finding someone we can trust.

A phone chat with a trusted and verified phone psychic can help you to make the right decisions without all of the stress of finding one on your own.

Ready? 4 Steps for an INSTANT Psychic Phone Reading

1. Go to our verified Psychic site,

2. Sign-up and select your psychic.

3. Submit your card details to enjoy 3 FREE Minutes.

4. The psychic will call you for the reading!

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You need a psychic who is right for you. So, what are the qualities that you want in a psychic? Someone who is clear, concise, and to the point? Or someone really empathic and sensitive who can see the bigger picture?

Our partner sites offer reviews, bios and other information on their affiliated psychics so that you can find your perfect match. What’s more, the psychic phone readings are just as accurate and insightful as more traditional face to face meetings, so why wait?

What is a phone chat psychic reading and how does it work without meeting me?

A true psychic can tap into your psychic energy field and read the energies surrounding you and your situation without being in your physical presence.

Psychics use many different methods: some receive visions of colors or images; others, like mediums, work with spirit or animal guides or who bring them the information that they need; and some others will use tarot or other forms of divination. But in every case, the psychic energy field around you and your situation are not of this three-dimensional plane. It exists in outside of our physical reality and is accessible through thought, intention, and meditation.

A true psychic reading does not require your physical presence. In fact, a psychic phone reading might even protect you from unqualified psychics.

There are two kinds of well-known scams: cold readings and hot readings. Cold readings are done by analyzing a client’s physical mannerisms and reactions and then crafting a reading around assumptions about what that person wants and feels. They don’t require any psychic ability at all. Hot readings make use of things like online questionnaires that are filled with leading questions so that the ‘psychic’ already knows enough about you to guess what you might be looking for.  Then they simply tell you what they think you want to hear. These kinds of scams don’t require any psychic ability and cannot be done over the phone.

Since a phone psychic is not able to use these deceitful methods, you should be able to tell quite quickly if their questions and statements resonate with you.

Using our trusted providers will also ensure that you receive positive results. With a live psychic session over the phone, you can ask as many questions as you need to from the comfort and security of your own home. Not to mention, if you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep because of a burning question that is keeping you tossing and turning, you can call the psychic hotline 24 hours a day on PsychicSource and many other websites. They are there for you.

What will a psychic chat or live reading tell me?

You know, that feeling you have when you just know that there is more going on but you just can’t seem to put your finger on it? That’s your intuition.

That nagging little feeling is a kind of psychic message, and sometimes we need a helping hand to figure out what it is trying to tell us. Or conversely, maybe there is there a voice in your head that keeps telling you that you are probably just imagining things? A live psychic can help you to confirm whether or not these feelings should be listened to or acted upon.

A live psychic can give you a personal and clear reading of your situation and guidance on the decisions that you need to make in order to live the life you were meant to live. Phone psychics will light the path for you and help you make the best possible choices for your life and the ones you love.

By tapping into your energy, a true psychic can see beyond your immediate circumstances to determine what external and internal energies might be influencing your situation. It could be anything from past life karmic lessons to toxic people in your current life that you may not be aware of.

A psychic talk with a qualified professional will bring you insight and advise you on things you may not be able to, or willing to, see clearly at the moment.

Choosing a psychic is kind of like choosing a doctor. You need to like them, trust them and know that they are there to help you. A phone chat with a true psychic should give you clear answers to the questions you are asking.

You will know when you are working with a good psychic because their words and ideas will resonate with you. A psychic phone chat can show you influencing forces in your life, positive or negative energies, and where they are coming from.

A good reading will also give you advice on what to focus your energies on in life. Sometimes you will get advice that you can use such as tapping into your compassion or diligence, and other times the advice may be more specific, such as pointing out particular people or situations that may be either beneficial or toxic to your desired outcomes. You can ask a psychic about anything from career prospects or general relationship questions, to specific questions about major decisions, whether in health, travel, family or other relationships.

How can I guarantee an accurate psychic chat or reading on the phone?

Again, the short answer is “use a trusted source.”  Many of our partner websites, such as Oranum, Kasamba, PsychicSource, AskNow, and Keen, offer the opportunity to try a free online chat with your psychic of choice. If you are happy with the connection, you can schedule a full psychic reading. Some of the websites, such as AskNow, offer the first 5 minutes of your phone reading free. That gives you plenty of time to decide if this is a reading you want to pursue or not! AskNow also has a feature on their website where you can type in a free question and receive a response from a live psychic within minutes.

Additionally, you can read multiple reviews and bios before making your decision. These trusted partners go out of their way to give you the control so that you do not feel like you might be taken for a ride.

Reading types: psychic chat, email, sms & text.

Years ago, the idea of going to a psychic would conjure up images of a beautiful gypsy gazing intently into a crystal ball. The smoke and incense would fill the air as the help seeker would walk tentatively into the room, wondering what secrets would be revealed on this day.

With today’s technology, accessing accurate and reliable psychic readings is at the touch of your fingertips.

Now, you can have a deep conversation in a psychic phone reading from the comfort of your own home just by calling the psychic number. Or if you’ve got meetings back to back at work and you only have a few minutes to spare, try a psychic chat. No more waiting until you can get across town. You can even reach your trusted guide with a psychic text or psychic sms.

Getting help has never been easier.  Simply visit your website of choice and select your preferred psychic. You will see the option to schedule online, chat or call. All you have to do is choose, click and schedule in one quick minute!

Are medium readings and a clairvoyant reading the same?

Both use psychic energy, but a clairvoyant reads the energy around you, while a medium channels messages that are coming to him or her from a spirit guide, angels or other messengers.

Some psychics offer both medium and clairvoyant services, and most of the online psychics offer a variety of services, such as tarot readings, energy healing, chakra balancing and rune readings. It is best to take some time to read through the bios to see what works best for you.

In fact, on the website Oranum, psychic and clairvoyant, AliciaRose, offers a channel where you can get to know her by watching her live stream. That is a wonderful way to “meet” your psychic and see if that is a partnership you would like to pursue. Alicia Rose has given over 35,000 readings and has been on Oranum for more than 6 years. There are many reviews praising her work, and as one client writes: “She is so quick and accurate and has such a calming, soothing energy. I always feel lighter after a session with Alycia. She is very special.”

How much does a psychic chat or reading cost?

Many of the phone psychics charge an average of $7 per minute, with the first few minutes free. However, psychics that are in very high demand can charge as much as $50 per minute! In any case, remember, more expensive does not necessarily mean better for you!

The most important thing is to decide your budget, and then look for the best fit. Keep an eye on the clock during your reading so that you can end the call when you have reached your maximum. You might even want to consider setting a timer in case you get so wrapped up in your reading that you lose track of time! On Oranum, clients are required to buy credits which go toward paying for their session. This seems to be a great way to prevent spending more than you anticipated!

Where can I find an accurate psychic reading?

It can seem like a dazzling maze when looking at all of the websites out there. In our experience, there are several that have a proven track record and a solid list of practicing psychics. We recommend the following:


Oranum has the super cool “live psychics” feature where you can watch their psychics at work on a live stream. It’s a great way to get to know who you might be working with and if they are a good fit for you! They also have a great blog that talks about Astrological happenings. Check it out!


Kasamba has been around since 1999 has guided over 3 million people! Kasamba offers three free chat minutes with every psychic you try, which is a great way to be sure you find the advisor that’s right for you.


PsychicSource has been around for over 30 years and even donates a portion of its proceeds to charity. They offer some pretty great introductory prices, so if you’re on a budget, this might be the place to start.


AskNow also offers some great introductory prices as well as a 5-minute credit back if you are unhappy with your reading. All you have to do is end your reading right away and notify customer service.  The AskNow website also features various psychics on their “psychic spotlight” and offers a daily horoscope.


Keen has some great filters on their website which make it easier to find the exact kind of psychic that is right for you. Their network is huge and their reviews are plentiful. They also have some great introductory offers if you are working on a budget!

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