Psychic Vampire Types

Psychic Vampire Types



Astral  Vampire

      A psychic vampire that exists on the astral plane.  It can also be a skilled magician who’s physical body has died, but chooses to resist the second death or astral death, by way of becoming a psychic vampire… It is also a psychic vampire that has died in the physical plane but for some reason may not be able to incarnate.

Emotional Vampire

        It is important to note that there are three forms of emotional vampires;  The First one is the psychological term of an emotionally needy person. This person may not technically be a vampire just an ordinary mundane who might have had something traumatize them, and they crave constant attention or emotional energy from a person…Unfortunately for the vampire community,  psychologists coined the term “psychic vampire”, to represent these emotional vampires…They are often called emotional leeches.  Without help, these types of people are usually incapable of having a normal healthy relationship.. But with therapy, they usually get better.

The Second is a branch of the first but they are often Called Social Vampires-These are the “Drama Queens” , they feed on the drama in the community….and the attention they get… They are generally not looked kindly upon.

       The Third is a Psychic vampire that feeds on emotion…Think of the latter as this, (speaking in metaphors now) Psychic vampires feed on Prana/energy , take a prism and split it (pranic energy) like you would sunlight, from there you get certain emotions like colors of the rainbow, happiness , sadness, fear, greed, ect… Some Emotional vampires only feed on certain emotions, just as others feed on anything they can find…

Elemental Vampire

Elemental Vampires feed off of Natural Phenomena ie: lightning storms, thunder storms, Hurricanes, Ocean tides, ley lines, waterfalls and Natural events . While some exclusively feed on elemental events and forces, some just use the elements to suppliment their feeding until they can get a donor or person to feed from. ..Though typically the first seems to be more common.

Pranic Vampire

This is a more common and possibly more correct term for psychic vampire. Prana is  the Sanskrit word meaning “life energy”, Which does more accurately describe the energy that we feed on.   Pranic Vampires have a broken or in most cases removed Chakra, Generally the Navel, but in some cases the Heart Chakra. Often times this type of Psychic vampire has a completely reworked energy system. Pranic vampire is generally a catch all term and may encompass the other types or psychic vampires as well.


Sexual Vampire

A sexual vampire is a person who feeds on sexual energy. they are sometimes called Tantric vampires, as they tap into the very essence of the universe.  With this type of feeding the other partner s  very  breath , sigh, moan, movement and caress is drawn upon for energy.  In eastern practices Tantra is a means by which one can achieve enlightenment, and connects with the universe.. love ect,  So it is no wonder why one would feed off of such energy.


This is another form of psychic vampire with the exception that these people survive on the draining of negative energy alone.  As an example, usually they will seek out and draw strength from sickness in any human they encounter.  In draining the negative energy a victim invariably feels better and is possibly even healthier.  The difference between the two forms is that Symbiotics drain negative energy with intent but at the same time do not usually wish to harm their victim.   There is a variation of Symbiotics that are astral vampires.

These Astral symbionts are sentient; But might of not always been. Some of these astral symbionts are indeed entities, But Once may have just been constructs, that were left untended and unchecked long enough to gain a form of sentience. Some even still, hold the belief that these astral vampires are “Undead Gods”.

Sympathetic Psychic Vampires

A sympathetic Psychic vampire is an individual who may have a broken chakra, or some wound to the Subtle body that can be healed. It is also the term we use when we feed on a person and they, take on vampiric tendencies for a short time in order to normalize their own personal energy. For the Most part these conditions are almost always temporary. But the person may become addicted to the “High” of feeding.

Learned Psychic vampires

The learned psychic vampire is a skilled magician or psion, that feeds on psychic energy and may also try and pass themselves off as a psychic vampire. Now the skilled magician often times practices this during their life so that they can get skilled enough at it, at the point of their own death so that they may choose to become an astral vampire and avoid the second death.

The Psion however is just an energy worker, Who may feed but doesnt technically need too….


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