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Guardian Angel Padre Review

Psychic Readings Available

  • Email readings


Pros and Cons

  • Free Angel Readings
  • Email Readings Only
  • Free readings are provided so that they can start their email campaign on you
  • Too many manipulative emails sent after they have your email address
  • Their emails often invoke a sense of fear, concern or curiosity

A Medium Who Speaks To Angels

Guardian Angel Padre claims to speak to angels on your behalf. But does he really speak to them? And why does he only offer free readings on his website? Where’s the catch? Something doesn’t smell right to us. So, we set out in this review to discover whether Padre is a legit psychic or if he’s as fake as a pair of false nails.

Keep on reading to find out what we discovered.

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Who is Guardian Angel Padre?

Guardian Angel Padre certainly appears to be a kind-looking gentleman; it’s one of the first things we notice when we begin to explore ‘his’ website. His generosity seems to know no bounds, especially because he offers a variety of free readings. As a self-proclaimed simple man, Padre also claims to ‘invoke and speak to angels’ because he’s a psychic medium.

Alarm Bells

All might seem to be good and well to many, but Padre has just triggered a few alarm bells for us from the outset. A psychic medium speaks to people who have passed over; not angels. You don’t need to have mediumship abilities to connect with angels. And since Padre appears to be somebody who has a lot of experience, we’d reasonably assume that he would understand the difference!

A Man of Mystery

There’s not much else that we can discover about Padre since there is nothing else about him on his website. Padre does an excellent job of deflecting the task of talking about himself to providing you with information about how he can help you instead. There are only really one or two small paragraphs which tell us that he developed his nickname ‘Padre’ because he prayed regularly and was dressed in black!

How that’s supposed to help you determine how good Padre is at performing readings we are not sure.  It’s a pretty pointless statement when you think about it. Even if it sounds mystical to some it doesn’t tell anybody anything. The only other bits of information we can glean from Padre’s website about him are that he claims to connect with angels (and frankly, anybody can say that!) and that since Padre is a nickname, we can’t even search for him online to verify him.

The Guardian Angel Padre Website Is Remarkably Similar To Other Fake Psychic Sites

Unfortunately, the copy we see on Padre’s website, along with the setup and systems, all let us know that this is yet another scam ‘out of the box’ psychic marketing system. Padre is just a vessel for that marketing system, and the system owned by Sesam Ltd, a digital marketing company based in Hong Kong. 

The images of the people on the site; Padre and the people in the testimonials are stock images. The free readings are all designed to garner your interests and also to capture your email address. And it’s through email that you’ll start to see ‘Padre’s’ true colors.

Frankly, we don’t like them.

How Do We Know That Guardian Angel Padre Is A Scam Site?

All scam sites we’ve found run most of their business behind the curtains so to speak, via email.  This way, they can get away with a lot more than they would if they operated publicly. They can also target vulnerable through the use of emotional manipulation directly. ‘Guardian Angel Padre’ is no different.  

Manipulative Emails

If you hand over your email address in exchange for a free reading from Padre, you will receive an invite from him for a paid reading. The process might start off by appearing to be normal; in other words, there may not be as much emotional manipulation as there will be in future emails. This is because the chances are you might be ready to enjoy a reading anyway and the people behind Padre know that.

Many people won’t fall for Padre’s first message, and so they will begin to receive a steady stream of emails that might seem to be ‘urgent’ or emotionally triggering, even if you don’t open them!

Bad Karma!

This is where some messages from Padre may inform you that you have bad karma or a curse that has been placed over you that only Padre can clear. You might also receive messages from Padre that inform you that you could receive a significant fortune but that there is something blocking it.

Of course, only Padre can clear the blockage!

All scam sites like this create problems for you and then deliver you a solution.  The solution always provided by the psychic involved, via a paid service from them, or something that will lead to a paid service. Such sites also never focus on anything that you are currently experiencing in your life. The topics discussed during a reading are always generic.

What Services Does Guardian Angel Padre Provide?

Guardian Angel Padre offers tarot readings, astrology readings, readings, and angel readings. All free at first. But they are also all canned, as we’ve already mentioned.

Self Serving Services

The choice of free readings available serves ‘Padre’ rather than you because they make him seem generous and this will warm you to him. The people behind Padre can determine your interests based on your choice of reading and how you respond online (such as if you open or read emails, or click links, etc.).

The interaction you receive from Padre is based on how you interacted with the messages and services sent or provided. To you, however, it will seem as though the contact is psychic. 

How Do We Rate Readings from Guardian Angel Padre?

We have witnessed Guardian Angel Padre’s manipulative emails personally. One, in particular, told us that we would come to harm if we didn’t open the email and read the message! This kind of manipulation is just one example, and it’s not ok!

If Padre tries to get you to open emails, or pay for readings by attempting to invoke fear, false hope, guilt or any other type of emotional manipulation, don’t listen to him. Don’t fall for it. Sesam, the people behind this want your money. If you are unsure about whether to pay for a reading from Padre, despite this review, we recommend that you stop and think about it for a while. If you can’t get it out of your head, try contacting a Psychic Source psychic to help you alleviate any fear or concerns that you may now have as a result of interacting with Padre.

Trust us, you don’t want to be placing your trust in Padre – as we’ve said before, he’s just a character. He’s not real.

How Does the Service from Guardian Angel Padre Compare To Psychic Source?

Psychic Source is one of our most highly-rated psychic providers. It’s easy to see why if you take a look at their website – they stand out in every area. So we decided to see how Padre compares so that you can make the best decision about what psychic provider you should use.

Website Navigation

Both websites are easy to navigate. While Psychic Source’s website contains much more information, it is still extremely navigable. Padre’s website, on the other hand, is simple, with less information. But it’s easy to move around because of its simplicity, which also lacks features.

Psychic Source has managed to include everything you might need from a psychic site and still optimize the navigation.

The Quality of The Readings

Psychic Source offers a wide choice of readings, except for spells, they pretty much provide any reading that is beneficial to their customers. They also have a wide variety of extremely skilled psychics available around the clock, meaning that you can get a high-quality reading any time you want one.

Padre only offers free readings which seems generous, but it’s really only to capture your email address!

You cannot choose to have a reading with Padre. He invites you via email. The thought of an invite might sound prestigious but it’s not, in this situation, it’s sneaky.

Before you are invited to pay for a reading, you’ll have been manipulated.

Even if you are not interested in having one of Padre’s paid readings or in opening his emails, he will manipulate you. Either through fear or guilt, desire or false hope. The readings you might purchase from Padre will resolve an issue that Padre has created for you. The ‘create a problem, then provide a solution’ strategy is common amongst most scam psychics.

Choice of Services

There is no choice of service with Padre, whereas Psychic Source offers a wide selection. Not just in the types of the readings provided but in the different psychics available too.


We don’t know how much Padre charges for his services. He will send you a message and inform you of his fees when she has set you up for a reading! But be warned, we’ve heard reports of people spending thousands of pounds while caught up in psychic scams like this.

Psychic Source’s prices start from around $1 per minute for new customers.


Psychic Source has an introductory offer for new customers at $1 per reading, which is a great way to check out their psychics. The only offers you receive from Padre are free, fake and automated readings.

Service Guarantees

Padre does state that ‘he’ offers a 100% money-back service guarantee so we can only assume that he would step up and refund people when required. We are just not so sure whether he will refund without finding excuses, or how difficult the refund process would be. It’s easy to see why anybody would question Padre’s satisfaction claims since he seems to be making money out of unethical practices. There are also no terms and conditions that explain the steps you need to take to organize your refund on Padre’s website.

Psychic Source, on the other hand, offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and the requirements for making claims are clearly laid out in their terms and conditions. It’s a simple, no-mess process.

The Psychic Verification Process

All psychics working for Psychic Source are stringently verified. The psychics are also monitored to ensure that they provide the highest quality and most ethical readings for their customers.  

Padre is not verified. There is no way to verify ‘him’ at all; not even by searching for him online. Unless you want to ‘un-verify’ him because there are plenty of poor reviews and complaints about Padre to be found!

Quality of Reviews

Psychic Source provides real-time reviews made by their customers. All reviews; the good, the bad and the ugly are displayed on each psychic’s profile. That way, you can make the best choice about which psychic is right for you.

The testimonials for Padre are probably fake. Everything else is, so it makes sense that they are too, mainly because the images of the people leaving the review are stock images! The website owner (Sesam) will have had to add the testimonials which also means that they are probably curated. The testimonials don’t populate in real-time as and when somebody has enjoyed a reading (like they do on Psychic Source). There are never any bad reviews on Padre’s website which is unusual for any psychic… even the best ones!

Overall Tone

Padre’s website may at first seem to be warm and welcoming; at least it would seem this way to the untrained eye. This website may even invoke hope for anybody who is struggling with life. You do have to read between the lines to see why Padre is fake, but if you keep on reading this review, then you’ll begin to see some of the clues highlighting that this is a fake psychic site.

If you do land on Padre’s website and it does invoke a sense of hope, be careful. Padre will take advantage of your circumstances if you allow him to. So, if you are seeking some hope and reassurance to help you through some tough times we recommend you hop over to Psychic Source because we know they will take good care of you. Psychic Source will work responsibly and ethically without manipulating your vulnerabilities to their advantage.

Do We Recommend Guardian Angel Padre?

We do not recommend Guardian Angel Padre at all. This is a scam psychic provider, and you will lose money if you pay for any of their services. If you take the free reading, prepare to be emotionally manipulated by them via email in an attempt to hook you in.

Guardian Angel Padre May Appear Sincere, But There’s A Dark Undertone – This is a Psychic Scam Site!

This website is a scam. It may look warm and welcoming at first, but it’s all a ploy to play on your emotions and vulnerabilities and take your money. We recommend that you avoid Padre! Instead, if you are looking for a reading, check out some of our top-rated psychic providers listed below.

The psychics you find there are legit, monitored, verified and real; we guarantee you!

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