Leaky Bucket

Leaky Bucket


The Leaky Bucket Story “A normal human is like a bucket that has water in it. This water represents energy. When the bucket loses water or it spills out …It can be replaced with more water, and generally stays the same… The Psychic vampire however is like a leaky bucket, with holes in the sides of the bucket…constantly losing water, or energy. The rate, at which one loses the water out of the bucket, depends on how “leaky” the psivamp is. Thus determining how often some psivamps need to feed.” This leaky bucket story (as there are many within the Vampire community) is a short anecdote that I first wrote in 1998, when I was a moderator frequenting an internet forum called “The Psyvamp Information Exchange”. Its initial purpose was to serve as a training tool, for newly awakened psivamps It was initially formulated after reading the book “The Secret Science behind Miracles” By Max Freedom Long; in which the author explains several meanings and symbols of vital force used by Hawaiian Kahunas (shamans). The symbol that Hawaiian Kahunas use to represent Vital Force or vital energy is water. This was due to vital energies tendency to flow, and occasionally “leak” depending on the state of the subtle bodies. The misconception is that this story was originally meant to describe psychic vampirism in general, when actually its original intent was to show why some psivamps need to feed more often than others. In certain Houses, you will undoubtedly find they differentiate the need to feed, with certain Castes.

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