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Medium Esmeralda Review

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  • The quality of the readings are questionable

Medium Esmeralda: Will She Help, or Hinder Your Life?

Have you ever been in a position where you may feel bored with life and are looking for some inspiration online?  Or perhaps you’ve explored a psychic reading or two before and are now seeking new psychic experiences? Chances are, if you have ever browsed online psychics, for whatever reason, you may have come across Medium Esmeralda or a similar type of ‘psychic service’.   Hopefully, you don’t come across this type of service when you are feeling vulnerable and are looking for genuine support and guidance in life though.

It’s a common practice to seek out a psychic advisor in times of trouble. Unfortunately, however, during such times, we can often be emotionally vulnerable, and there are plenty of scam or disingenuous people or services out there posing as legitimate psychics when they are not. Instead, they are out to take advantage of anybody who is in an emotionally vulnerable state.

We have reason to believe that Medium Esmeralda is one of these psychics. So if you are looking for support and guidance, she’s one to avoid. We explain why further on in this review.  

But not all psychics are like this. We have found plenty of great psychics, and you’ll find a wealth of support and guidance from caring and ethical psychics at Psychic Source.

So if you need a psychic reading right now, here’s the link to the right kind of psychic.

5 Steps To An Expert Psychic Reading That You Can Trust

  1. Visit Psychic Source.
  2. Register your details.
  3. Select your favorite available psychic from the choices shown.
  5. Click ‘Call’ (the psychic will call you back).

Who is Psychic Esmeralda?

We recently stumbled upon a real-life story on YouTube.  A YouTuber explains about the negative experience she had with a psychic in LA. Apparently, this psychic pestered the YouTuber to the point of harassment to try to encourage her to pay for a psychic reading. The problem was that this particular psychic quickly relayed information to the YouTuber that was personal to her and that nobody else would know. At least not a stranger.  

This was enough verification for the psychic to capture the YouTubers attention, so she paid for a reading and received a talisman from the psychic to supposedly protect her. That’s when things started to go wrong in the YouTuber’s life. 

It’s as though the psychic had cursed the talisman so that the person who had it in their possession would keep coming back for paid advice. And that’s exactly what happened for a short while. Eventually, however, the YouTuber realised the problem and returned the talisman to the psychic.

How does this story relate to Psychic Esmeralda?

It’s possible that Psychic Esmeralda is the online version of the LA Psychic in the story. Both are using their psychic prowess to pester people and manipulate them into paying for a reading to solve the problems that the psychic has created.

Psychic Esmeralda is a mystery; at least she is when you first access her site. On the website we reviewed, you are prompted to enter your astrological details through a series of questions so that you can ‘discover your real sign’ and ‘find out who you really are in a free reading. Esmeralda reveals no information about herself on this particular site other than that she is an ‘authentic clairvoyant and medium’.

Medium Esmeralda Is A Touch Too Helpful

We did, however, find other information about Esmarelda. Apparently, she has gypsy heritage, and her family was renowned for their accurate psychic predictions. She learned her skill from her grandmother and is recognised worldwide as ‘one of the most amazing psychics’ – her words, not ours!

It’s not long before you learn that Esmeralda likes to say that she devotes her life to helping people in need.  A true statement that may be but assisting vulnerable people to out of their money is not the way that people in need, need help!

Esmeralda claims to deal with issues such as relationship difficulties, problems at work, professional or educational position, or redirection, projects and emotional encounters.

Whatever your questions, Esmeralda claims to be there for you with all her love and compassion.

Bold claims they may be, but her reputation precedes her, and it’s not good.

A Questionable Reputation

Esmeralda is known for harassing people via email. She is also known for sending out manipulative emails that operate in much the same way as the LA psychic in the story does. By raising false hope, invoking fear of missing out, or by breeding fear.

What Services Does Medium Esmeralda Provide?

Esmeralda claims to be a psychic medium, clairvoyant and tarot reader. We’ve also witnessed her promoting astrology advice (or at least using astrology as a hook to pull you in!).

You can’t book a reading with Medium Esmeralda on a whim though. Just like all of the other scam psychics we’ve brought to light, they handle their business in the dark via email. 

They’ll manipulate and entice you while adding a link to book a reading or other psychic service such as a healing, cleansing, good luck spells and so on. They’ll do their best to ensure that you come to realise that you need these readings, when in fact you don’t need them.

Legit psychics like Psychic Source just don’t operate this way – not at all. 

How Does the Medium Esmeralda Website Work?

To use the Medium Esmeralda site, you have to include a lot of information about yourself, which includes your address and telephone number. But you can create a fake address which is what we did when researching because we don’t like handing over all of our personal details immediately. And we don’t want to start receiving unnecessary calls or postal mail – so if you feel the same and want to explore further, we suggest you create a random address.

The thing is that Esmeralda, at this stage, is asking for a lot of information but with no explanation of who she is and what she’s about which doesn’t sit well with us.

Shady Operations Behind The Scenes

Most of Esmeralda’s work operates via email, which makes it difficult to get a real perspective on how she works because we need more time with them. And that’s the point! Since Esmeralda doesn’t explain anything about the types of readings or services she offers, it’s difficult to see what is available to you. We expect that Esmeralda will provide you with a series of discounted readings to hook you into using her services.

Is Medium Esmeralda Legit?

What is unique about Medium Esmeralda is that she does appear to be a real person who also does work as a psychic. But the website that Esmeralda operates from is owned by New Lotus Web which is a digital marketing company known for hosting several psychic scam sites.

We are not sure how Esmeralda is connected to New Lotus Web since these companies generally don’t use a real psychic in their photography; they usually use stock images. Perhaps Esmeralda has sold out to New Lotus Web, or maybe she owns the digital marketing company? One thing that is for sure though is that Medium Esmeralda does NOT have your best interests at heart; only hers. So this means she’s not ethical and therefore not legit. Don’t trust her readings; they will probably be fake.

How Does Medium Esmeralda’s Service Compare To A Top-Rated Service Like Psychic Source?

Website Navigation

Esmeralda leads you on her website you cannot access more information until you provide information. This is not good practice, especially not for a psychic!

Psychic Source is a regular website. There’s a landing page which leads you to wherever you want to go on the site. The search function is excellent, and the images and profiles of the psychics very professional and precise.

Quality of Psychic Readings

We question whether the psychic readings you will receive from Esmeralda will be real. We doubt they will. Her marketing approach already displays unethical practices, which means that at best, we cannot trust the psychic readings, and at worst, they are fake.

Psychic Source provides a wide selection of psychics to choose from. There are psychics to suit all budgets, and there is a stable satisfaction guarantee and discounted offers for your first full reading. Psychic Source want you to know that they care.

Choice of Services

Medium Esmeralda doesn’t really offer a choice of services, although she may do through email, especially if she thinks it will get her a sale!

Psychic Source has a wide choice of services from psychic to medium readings, tarot readings, healing and everything else in between.


We don’t know how much Medium Esmeralda charges for her paid readings. We expect that it changes depending on how vulnerable and suggestible her victims are, although this is just theory.  

Psychic Source readings, on the other hand, start from $1 per minute.

Service Guarantees 

There’s no guarantee at all with Medium Esmeralda. Psychic Source offers a full, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Psychic Verification Process

Frankly, we don’t know how Esmeralda verifies herself. You have to take her word for it. But it’s not a word that we would trust, so we would say that she is unverified. Psychic Source has a stringent psychic recruitment and verification process – the kind you’d expect from a professional psychic provider.

Quality of Reviews

Psychic Source provides unedited, real-time reviews that pop up on each psychic’s profile when a customer leaves a review. They only allow customers who have had a reading with a particular psychic to leave a review for them, and they don’t add their own testimonials.

Medium Esmeralda doesn’t have real-time reviews (unless you count the complaints that you can find online about her!). Instead, she has a set of testimonials on her website, all curated and positive. And the interesting thing is that all images of each ‘customer’ are blurred. Perhaps this is to stop people like us performing a reverse image search and realising that they are stock images!

What Problems Have We Found With Medium Esmeralda?

  • We don’t like the way that Esmeralda bombards her victims through email and uses manipulative tactics to get a sale. Because that’s what it probably is to her just a sale. Whereas to you, it’s your life!
  • Esmeralda also asks for a lot of information before giving a reading, which is very unprofessional for a psychic!
  • We have reason to believe based on all of the information above, and our experience with other psychics that this is a scam. We don’t trust Medium Esmeralda at all.

What Advantages For You Have We Found With Medium Esmeralda?

None, unless you just like to have some fun. That’s the only way you should approach these readings.

Do We Recommend Medium Esmeralda?

No! If you are looking for a psychic reading, it’s wise to find a genuine and compassionate psychic. The best place to go for one of those is Psychic Source. You won’t be disappointed!  

Conclusion: An Unethical Scam Psychic!

If you have a severe problem in your life, and you want a focused and intricate psychic reading, we recommend using one of the sites below instead of Psychic Esmeralda. These sites can provide you with real-time answers and genuine psychics. The team here at Online Psychics highly rates all of these sites, and we can’t recommend them highly enough.

Those we recommend are our top-reviewed psychic providers listed below. We can guarantee that the psychics you find there are legit, monitored, verified and real.  

Here Are Our Top Rated Psychic Providers

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

  • Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

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Psychic Source
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