Author - Adam Grunweg

The Black Veil


Damien Daville, Founder of the Vampire Church and President of the Darkfear Network

THE BLACK VEIL 2.0 The Black Veil is a code of ethics written for the Sanguinarium movement and has been adopted by many individuals, households and organizations within the vampyre/vampire community. Originally it was written in 1997 by Father Sebastian of House Sahjaza as a code of conduct for patrons of the vampyre haven Long Black Veil in New York City. It was then amended by Lady Melanie in 1998 and 1999. The Black Veil has been since revised and evolved by Michelle Belanger of House Kheperu with input and suggestions by the greater vampyre/vampire subculture. In March 2000 COVICA, a council of collected elders from different traditions revised the Black Veil 1.0. It was then at the BV gained popularity and was translated in to Portuguese, German and Spanish. Although not indented it was also distributed as the “13 Rules of the Community.” Now in late 2002 Michelle Belanger, with the input of Father Sebastian and others, presents the BV 2.0 as a philosophy and tradition of ethics, not rules. This code is voluntary and is meant only to set an example for, not dictate or govern the scene. This updated and simplified version of the Black Veil is NOT a set of laws or rules and is no longer the “13 rules of the community,” but was written as an example set of ethics and ideas. It is your individual or group’s choice to adopt the Black Veil. This document may be printed out for personal or non-commercial or community use, only if proper credit and no alternations to the original text are made. Amendments for each household, court or community made be freely added as long as the original test is not altered. Please respect those who have brought the Veil to you.

I. DISCRETION Respect yourself and present yourself so that others also respect you. Take care in who you reveal yourself to. Explain what you are, not to shock, but to teach and to inform. Do not flaunt what you are, and know that whether you want them to or not, your actions will reflect upon the rest of the community. Share your nature only with those with the wisdom to understand and accept it, and learn to recognize these people.

II. DIVERSITY Among us, there are many different practices and many points of view. No single one of us has all the answers to who and what we are. Respect each person’s individual choices and beliefs. Learn about them and share what you know. Our diversity is our strength, and we should not allow misunderstanding to weaken our community. Find the path that is right for you and uphold this freedom for others.

III. CONTROL Do not allow your darkness to consume you. You are more than just your hunger, and you can exercise conscious control. Do not be reckless. Always act with a mind toward safety. Never feed because you think this makes you powerful; feed because this is what you must do. Be true to your nature, but never use it as an excuse to endanger those around you.

IV. ELDERS Give respect to those who have earned it. Anyone can claim a title, but a true leader will prove him or herself through dedication, hard work, and great deeds. Even so, leaders should be guides and not dictators. Look to them as examples, but always decide for yourself what you must do. Respect the person, not the position, and understand that your choices are always your own.

V. BEHAVIOR Know that there are repercussions to every action, and that you alone are responsible for your decisions. Educate yourself about risky behaviours, then always act with wisdom and common sense. Do not allow others to abuse you, but also, do not selfishly abuse. Respect the rights of others and treat them as you would be treated.

VI. DONORS Feeding should occur between consenting adults. Allow donors to make an informed decision before they give of themselves to you. Do not take rapaciously from others, but seek to have an exchange that is pleasant and beneficial for all. Respect the life that you feed upon and do not abuse those who provide for you.

VII. COMMUNITY Reach out to others in your community. Exchange ideas, information, and support. Be hospitable to others, and appreciate hospitality when it is extended to you. Do not engage in illegal activity, for this can endanger us all. Seek to nurture our community and support all those who do the same.





In order to get along and understand what people are talking about in the vampire community its a great idea to study these terms. they will help you out immensely and make you sound like less of a newbie.


Aethyrs-see Etheric plane.

Adept – One who is skilled in magick.

Angels– from the Greek “angelos” meaning messenger, they are the divine messengers, Helping manifest things I this world. There are several orders of angels, Which include: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, (the first circle).  Dominions, virtues, powers, (second circle) Principalities, Archangels, and  Angels, (third circle). Within the last tier there were a group of angels called Watchers.

Anima/Animus-(from Carl Jung) As referring to the inner feminine in a man and the , inner masculine in a woman.

Akasha-The fifth element, Spirit.

Akashic records.-The stored collective conscious of all the universe, Infinite knowledge.

Ambient Energy-Energy generated by large crowds or the general atmosphere of a place.

Ambient feeding– To feed on the energy created and felt above large crowds..

Archetype-Inherited symbolic imagery  and knowledge common to all people..

Archetypal realm-The realm or plane in which the Archetypes are present and have significant meaning and Magickal context.

Ardeth-Vampires made through the process of extended sympathetic vampirism, or ritual.

Astral Plane-The plane or world beyond the physical and Etheric. a person can reach this plane by various methods, and when ones physical body dies.

Astral Body-The non-physical counterpart of yourself. your spirit/soul

Astral Projection– The ability to move outside of your physical body. it Can happen when you are asleep and during meditation..  Examples of this: are when you have flying dreams…or falling dreams and you jolt yourself awake…

Astral Vampire-A psychic vampire that exists on the astral plane..It can also be a skilled magician who’s physical body has died, but chooses to resist death and eventual rebirth by way of becoming a psychic vampire.

Aura-The subtle energy field that surrounds all living things. The aura is capable of changing colors depending on a mood or health of a person.

Awakening– The process or transition of moving from an unintentional vampire to an intentional vampire.(as referring to psychic vampires not Sanguines)


Baby Bat – A newly awakened vamp, or newcomer to the vampire community..aka a newbie.

Beacon – An energy signature given off by awakened individuals, and those that are about to awaken, It’s a way we can recognize our own.

Beast-The dark primal nature and urges in ourselves.
Blinking-The ability to manipulate space and time in such a way that one appears to be moving faster.


Cain -Son Of Adam, Who Killed his brother Abel and was exiled.

Chi– Vital energy force, a balanced energy force of positive and negative. A word derived from Taoism and Chinese thought..

Clairaudience – The faculty of “clear hearing”, the ability to hear sounds inaudible to the normal ear, such as “spirit” voices; a faculty analogous to clairvoyance, but considerably less frequently met with.

Clairvoyance– a psychic ability, that allows the person to see or find things.. (Clairvoyance) literally means “clear vision”.

Court– A monthly event for members of the Vampiric community usually held at a haven.

Cycling energy– The process of: Taking energy in, transmuting it, and releasing it back , as to not bring a whole room down


Dogma-A principle or belief system


Elder– A respected figure in the Vampire Community.

Elementals– Beings from the elemental realms, such as: Sylphs (air), Undines (water), Elves (earth), and Jinn (fire). Each corresponding to a particular element. Not to be confused with Otherkin, these beings exist solely in the elemental realms.

Emotional Vampire– It is important to note that there are two forms of emotional vampires; one is the psychological term of an emotionally needy person. This person may not technically be a vampire just an ordinary mundane that might have had something traumatize them, and they crave constant attention or emotional energy from a person…Unfortunately for the vampire community,  psychologists coined the term “psychic vampire”, to represent these emotional vampires…They are often called emotional leeches.  Without help, these types of people are usually incapable of having a normal healthy relationship.. But with therapy, they usually get better.
The other IS a Psychic  Vampire that feeds on emotion…

Empathy-The ability to know and feel someone else’s emotions psychically. Also see the psychic lessons section for further details

Enoch– Technically there were two Enoch’s, The one that was Caines Son; And the Enoch that was the father of Methuselah. The later created the “Book of Enoch 1 & 2”.
Though in Occult circles Cains Son , Enoch was also said to have created a “Book of Enoch “ of a more demonic nature.

Enochian Magick: A system of Angelick High Magick discovered by John Dee.

Equivalent Exchange– The process of which one sacrifices something of greater or equal value , in order to gain something in return…This philosophy is considered to be the one break in Karma.

Etheric Body-the subtle energy that permeates the physical body like a sheath. It is closer to the body than the astral Body.


Frenzy-To feed without control, or consideration for the donor.

Fruitbat– A clown, goofball; originally a derogatory remark meaning someone that is unstable, though some vamps oddly enough take pride in it.


Ghosts– Mostly harmless, human or animal earthbound spirits. They are most commonly tied to places, situations or physical objects.


Haven– A vampire night club, or safe place.

Head/heart/hands connection-The interconnection between what one is thinking, what one is feeling, and the intentional or unintentional correlation of the body language of the hands.

High Magick-A highly ritualized, highly ordered, and highly potent for of magick.
House-A group of vampires, who follow and are united by a specific set of beliefs, philosophies/ traditions.

Hybrids– Psi/Sang combo vampires. Vampires that draw their energy from both blood and Psi energy. .


Incubus– A male Sexual Vampire.

Intentional Vampire-A psychic vampire that is a awakened, hence is aware of the need and can control his or her feeding habits and is aware of the body posturing.



Karma-An Eastern belief that is the result of a  person’s actions and conduct.

Kirlian Photography– A type of electrical photography that allows the energy fields of living things to be photographed and printed. Auric and energy field colors are also visible with this type of photography

Kheperu– An Egyptian word meaning to transform.

Kepri-An Egyptian God associated with the sacred scarab. The Scarab, The God Kepri represents transformation.  Ancient Egyptians associated the scarab with renewal, rebirth and resurrection.

Kheprian– A type or group of vampires believe themselves to be among a specific family of people who received an Alteration to their energy body some thousands of years ago which made them vampires. House Kheperu is only one Kheprian organization, and not all
Kheprians agree with its teachings and practices. It needs to be emphasized that following the beliefs of House Kheperu does not make you a Kheprian, nor does being a Kheprian mean that you’re a member of House Kheperu.

Kherete– A person who follows the teachings of house Kheperu and the kheprian path, but who is not an actual member of house Kheperu. .

Kitra– A Vampire Counselor.

Klavasi-Latent vampire, a term created by the V.C. that isn’t widely used anymore.


Laying on of Hands-A form of alternative medicine, using less skill than Reiki.

Ley lines– Lines of powerful energy within certain types of geographical locations and outcroppings.

Lifestyler– One Who lives a vampire or gothic lifestyle but may not necessarily be a vampire.. Also see glamour Vamp.

Lilith/Lilit– In Jewish mysticism Lilith is the first wife of Adam, who is eventually cast out of Eden. She refused to comply with Adam’s demand that she be sexually beneath him, she was first to be caste out of Eden. To Some Lilith is considered to be a queen of demons and the first Vampire.


strong>Magick-Magick is a means by which using the magickal formula, one can affect the outcome of the greater reality/universe., though it is still bound by the laws of this universe for the most part.. Magick with a “K” is used, in order to differentiate itself from “stage magick”

Magickal Formula– Thought + (will or intent) + Energy = Magick

Magickal Construct-A magical manipulation or entity (usually non-sentient) created to manage certain tasks, or perform certain functions. I.E. cleansing or protection from certain spiritual entities.. Though created non-sentient, some constructs if used for a long enough amount of time seem to gain a form of sentience.

Medium – A medium is someone who is sensitive to ‘vibrations from the spirit world’ and who is able to convey messages i.e. relays a message from a departed relative. Or ‘gives voice’ to a spirit/ghost at a particular location

Mundanes-Normal Humans, -see Jock (kidding).. the term we use for everyday people, not necessarily skilled in psychic phenomenon.

Mradu– A Vampire Warrior.


Nephilim-The Children of Human woman and a group of angels called “Watchers”. The Nephilim were giants and were referred to as the “men of great and terrible renown”. They were said to have taught the people sciences and magic’s, and “to wear makeup”. Unfortunately they were poor swimmers. They were drowned in a big flood, aka the Noah’s Ark story.

Nil– See Mundanes


Otherkin-One Who is other Souled.  Or has a soul or multiple souls in one’s body that is not human, who believes him- or herself to be not fully human, generally only on a spiritual level. Some examples of this are: Elenari, Dragonkin, fae, Weres, Therianthropes.


Pagan- A pagan is a general term for a polytheist

Prana– Life Energy, vital force

Psi– A designation for both (ESP) and (PK) that was proposed in 1946 by the psychologists Drs. Robert Thouless and W. P. Weisner.  It’s also the twenty-third letter of the Greek alphabet commonly used in parapsychology to include both phenomena of ESP and PK because both are closely related.

Psionic– The teaching, practice, and manipulation; of energy to achieve specific effects which may include but is not exclusive to psychic phenomenon.

Psivamp-A shortened word for psychic vampire that is commonly used in the O.V.C. and vampire community at large.

Psychic– One Who has ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) such as , Empathy, telepathy, precognition, prescience, telekinesis, or clairvoyance.

Psychic Rape-Entering a person’s mind without permission, also remote viewing from that persons eyes while they are in an intimate situation and it is not invited.

Psychic Vampire– (psychological) -See Emotional Vampire

Psychic Vampire– A condition of the spirit,  by which one needs to obtain vital energy from outside sources.    They are unable to generate their own energy, and often times don’t have the best capacity to store the energy they do have .

Psyvamp-A shortened word for psychic vampire, which refers to psychic vampires who are psychic.


Quinotaur– A sea creature often associated with Merovech and the Merovingian line.

Quinotauri -A member of House Quinotaur


Ramkht- A vampire priest.

Remote Viewing-The Process by which one finds/or sees an object where that person has never been ..Also associated. with clairvoyance

Reiki- “Rei” means spirit, and  “Ki” means the universal life energy. It is a form of medicine popularized by Mikao Usui of Japan. A Reiki practitioner heals the physical body through the manipulation of the subtle bodies of the patient…Much of the Reiki the practitioners or masters  in the United States learn is on a 3 level system, different skill levels receive different attunements.

Reiki Master– One who has completed all the instruction and attunements of Reiki

Reincarnation– The belief that when you die your spirit lives on to continue and may choose to be reborn on the physical plane again.

Ritual– A structured Magickal ceremony with intent.


Sang- A Blood Drinker/vampire, Short For Sanguine…I’m not qualified to comment, So If you are one, please Check out: Http://

Second Death– Death of the astral body

Setian-A worshiper of the God Set.

Sensitive – The term sensitive, often interchangeable with psychic, refers to a person with psychic powers, but eschews communication with the dead, instead concentrates on the experience of emotion and feelings. A sensitive is thus distinguished from the medium, or channel. A medium is usually also a sensitive.

Sexual Vampire-A psychic vampire that feeds on sexual/tantric energy and arousal.

Shielding-A Common protection method against psychic attack, and being fed upon.

Succubus-A female sexual vampire/demon. Common names are lilith and Nahemah.

Silver Cord– A subtle energy cord located in the third chakra that connects the physical and astral bodies, as well as supplying energy.

Sin Nomine-Without a name. A form of punishment and banishment within the vampire community. Community members are encouraged to avoid all acknowledgement and contact with these individuals.

Subtle Body-as referring to the etheric or astral bodies.

Subtle Reality-A minor reality, in which one can work through.

Spirit-deriving from the latin meaning “Breath”, it is the substance of the soul.

Symbiotic-A Psychic vampire that feeds solely on negative energy.


Tantra- Sacred Sex, A path to enlightenment. Tantric practices raise exorbitant amounts of energy. Originally Hindu and Buddhist, but has many different branches, and has recently gained popularity with the new age movement.

Tantric Vampire– A sexual vampire

Tao-A spiritual path that literally means “The Way”.

Tendril-An extension of the subtle body that works as a way to drain and obtain energy from a distance.

Thresholds-See Veils


Unintentional Vampire-An unawakened psychic vampire, generally considered to be more dangerous than “intentionals”, because they are unaware that they are draining and can’t control it.


Vampyre– A variation of the spelling, originally acknowledged by the vampire community, to distinguish themselves from the vampires of folklore… Some use it, some don’t…

Veils-Doorways or gateways of perception through which one must traverse, in order to go to the otherside.


Wicca- A Peaceful Goddess Based Earth religion, that celebrates the seasons and the wheel of the year. There are many different Traditions , which have their own take, and celebrate various deities that are important to them. They ARE NOT Satanic….they don’t even believe in the Devil





Newly Awakened



First let me welcome you to the Online Vampire Community (O.V.C ). On this page I’ll help show you a few of the things you need to know, as well as tell you some common Vampire Community etiquette. Second , this is a site for psychic vampires…But definitely not the only site, there are many good sites out there with just as much good information.. I have links to most of them, located in the Community section. This is however, a good place to start.

One of the first things you should be made aware of is “The black Veil” Which is a volentary code of ethics that most of the vampire community has agreed to live by… It’s mostly common sense, but it had to be said.

Common sense conduct within the Vampire Community.

1). If you introduce yourself as a 200 year old “Overlord” ,”Dark Master” or “Super Saiyan” or what not…You WILL Be laughed off the boards, all around disrespected, and treated like a troll…Just as if you Introduce yourself as an Elder…And we’ve never heard of you Before..Online or Offline.. Any one can be or claim to be evil or dark, or the darkest soul ever, but most of us know that without intelligence…you aren’t going very far..

Use your intelligence. That will gain respect among your peers alot quicker.

2).Use your own common sense, and judgement in order to protect yourself. If you should choose to ever meet anyone you have met online.. Meet in a public place..

3). Dont give out your private information indescrimanently.

Beginning to Learn About yourself and Others

1) Awakening is often a time of confusion; no doubt you have moved passed the point of being unintentional and would like to figure out what is going on. Also know that you are not alone in your awakening., as many have come before you and experienced something similar.

2)Awakening usually happens over a period of time…However some do awaken more quickly..Awakening ussually involves a shift in perception…possible paranoia, as you become more aware of your surroundings and the subtle intricacies you once were not aware of… This is normal, and for most of us this does pass with time and we raise to a new level of understanding and realization of ourselves and the universe in which we live.

3) This site is layed out in a manner readily understandable as you just work your way from top to bottom. It is done so in regards to importance with the Exception being Shielding..As it is equally important as learning how to feed and control it.

A word: On So called Vampire Hunters

There has been alot of people going around the boards saying that they are vampire hunters or slayers and what not…But rest assured there hasnt been a single case of any physical confrontations from these people, since the inception of the O.V.C. ..They’re mostly just children who’ve watched way too much buffy….ignore them.. we do.

A Warning: On sexual Predators

One of the reasons for not giving out your private information indescriminately is due to sexual predators.I would call these people demons, but i dont want to insult demons. Be Smart..Be Safe..Stay Alive.

Things Frowned upon in the Vampire Community

Grazing- Or feeding indescriminantly is highly frowned upon. And extremely dangerous if you are a Sanguine or a hybrid.

Feeding Frenzy: Or uncontrollably feeding in such a way that it causes harm to your donor. Having a donor is a relationship based on trust… And reflects poorly on the entire Community, when you cannot control your “Beast” or “the Hunger”.

Feeding on the elderly/Feeding on the sick- Dont feed on the people who can lest afford it… You, are better than that.

Feeding on Pets- We have developed a symbiotic relationship with these animals over thousands of years, Some have become our familiars, it is also a sacred trust. Do Not break it.

A word :To the Negative energy Feeders

There are quite a few negative energy feeders…Which overall doesnt bother the community…The main thiing that bothers the community is when negative feeders create the environment in which they need to feed…Purposely creating “Fear and Loathing”.. or “EMO” feeding .

Etiquette when clubbing or visiting a Haven

No doubt you’ll eventually go out to clubs and havens to feed. The Vampire Community tends to be very territorial, therefore it is suggested that you test the waters first…see who’s around introduce yourself…Before you begin feeding away. If you can, try and get in touch with the local community online, establish a dialog, then met up at a haven or club. (Of course meet in a public place as there are online predators, and you never know).-common sense-


Psychic Vampire Types



Astral  Vampire

      A psychic vampire that exists on the astral plane.  It can also be a skilled magician who’s physical body has died, but chooses to resist the second death or astral death, by way of becoming a psychic vampire… It is also a psychic vampire that has died in the physical plane but for some reason may not be able to incarnate.

Emotional Vampire

        It is important to note that there are three forms of emotional vampires;  The First one is the psychological term of an emotionally needy person. This person may not technically be a vampire just an ordinary mundane who might have had something traumatize them, and they crave constant attention or emotional energy from a person…Unfortunately for the vampire community,  psychologists coined the term “psychic vampire”, to represent these emotional vampires…They are often called emotional leeches.  Without help, these types of people are usually incapable of having a normal healthy relationship.. But with therapy, they usually get better.

The Second is a branch of the first but they are often Called Social Vampires-These are the “Drama Queens” , they feed on the drama in the community….and the attention they get… They are generally not looked kindly upon.

       The Third is a Psychic vampire that feeds on emotion…Think of the latter as this, (speaking in metaphors now) Psychic vampires feed on Prana/energy , take a prism and split it (pranic energy) like you would sunlight, from there you get certain emotions like colors of the rainbow, happiness , sadness, fear, greed, ect… Some Emotional vampires only feed on certain emotions, just as others feed on anything they can find…

Elemental Vampire

Elemental Vampires feed off of Natural Phenomena ie: lightning storms, thunder storms, Hurricanes, Ocean tides, ley lines, waterfalls and Natural events . While some exclusively feed on elemental events and forces, some just use the elements to suppliment their feeding until they can get a donor or person to feed from. ..Though typically the first seems to be more common.

Pranic Vampire

This is a more common and possibly more correct term for psychic vampire. Prana is  the Sanskrit word meaning “life energy”, Which does more accurately describe the energy that we feed on.   Pranic Vampires have a broken or in most cases removed Chakra, Generally the Navel, but in some cases the Heart Chakra. Often times this type of Psychic vampire has a completely reworked energy system. Pranic vampire is generally a catch all term and may encompass the other types or psychic vampires as well.


Sexual Vampire

A sexual vampire is a person who feeds on sexual energy. they are sometimes called Tantric vampires, as they tap into the very essence of the universe.  With this type of feeding the other partner s  very  breath , sigh, moan, movement and caress is drawn upon for energy.  In eastern practices Tantra is a means by which one can achieve enlightenment, and connects with the universe.. love ect,  So it is no wonder why one would feed off of such energy.


This is another form of psychic vampire with the exception that these people survive on the draining of negative energy alone.  As an example, usually they will seek out and draw strength from sickness in any human they encounter.  In draining the negative energy a victim invariably feels better and is possibly even healthier.  The difference between the two forms is that Symbiotics drain negative energy with intent but at the same time do not usually wish to harm their victim.   There is a variation of Symbiotics that are astral vampires.

These Astral symbionts are sentient; But might of not always been. Some of these astral symbionts are indeed entities, But Once may have just been constructs, that were left untended and unchecked long enough to gain a form of sentience. Some even still, hold the belief that these astral vampires are “Undead Gods”.

Sympathetic Psychic Vampires

A sympathetic Psychic vampire is an individual who may have a broken chakra, or some wound to the Subtle body that can be healed. It is also the term we use when we feed on a person and they, take on vampiric tendencies for a short time in order to normalize their own personal energy. For the Most part these conditions are almost always temporary. But the person may become addicted to the “High” of feeding.

Learned Psychic vampires

The learned psychic vampire is a skilled magician or psion, that feeds on psychic energy and may also try and pass themselves off as a psychic vampire. Now the skilled magician often times practices this during their life so that they can get skilled enough at it, at the point of their own death so that they may choose to become an astral vampire and avoid the second death.

The Psion however is just an energy worker, Who may feed but doesnt technically need too….



Energy Sources


The following , is a brief discussion on the types of energy/objects/sources  Psivamps can draw energy from. As well as some energy not recommended to draw energy from.


Feeding from the environment is a common way to obtain energy, but it by no means is necessarily vampiric, average mundane people can do this. For example when a person is hiking in the woods, they ussually stop at the same point over and over again… You might think where the person stops is a low energy point , but you are wrong, the reason the person stops is that there is a high level of energy, and the person subconsciously knows this…they stop for a while and “recharge”…

These places might be scenic, just a place of high energy, or ley lines.

There are however Psychic Vampires that can feed off of such things as Lighning and Thunder storms, and natural events, such as Oceans, Tides, full moons ect.


Plants and tree’s can obviously be fed off of because they contain prana or chi. It is a good way to pick up energy, though i do NOT recommend feeding off of house plants, as they are easily drained..and can result in the plant either dying or wilting due to loss of turgor.

Prana/Chi/ Vital Force

This is our primary food (energy wise), It is Life Energy.


Ambient feeding is the taking in of excess energy from everyone and everything around you. Common food sources of ambient energy are malls, concerts, the energy above the dancers in night clubs, and of course the obvious People. .

Sexual energy

Very intense and powerful energy to feed off of. Immense amounts of energy are created during the act of sex and intercourse.

Emotional energy

Emotional Energy is intense and readily obtainable. Its a common source to feed from . Most psychic vampires can feed off of any emotion, but some may have a “taste” for a particular emotion.


Fear is very intense and an addictive emotion to feed from; Its addictiveness is due to the fact that there is substantial energy in this emotion.Unlike what most of us was taught in school, fear is loves true opposite; not hate. Of course there’s the whole morality issues that go along with it. Creating such an environment, in which to manifest more of this particular emotion, its extremely immoral and heavily frowned upon in the vampire community. Hense why i advise against feeding on this emotion.

Hatred “loathing”

Fear and loathing seem to go hand and hand, again Hatred is intense emotion; but not as intense as fear.


Saddness is another emotion, that varies on the intensity of the individual. Again creating saddness to feed off it is considered immoral…Where as feeding off the emotion to rid the person of that pain of saddness, is somewhat accepted.


Envy is another one of those emotions thats kind of muddy, and not that strong. and i wouldnt recommend feeding off this energy for ethical reasons.


I find this to be one of the weaker, muddy energies to feed off of. Personally i feed i need a shower after feeding on this type of emotion.


A strong emotion to feed off of…Generally quite acceptable to feed off of.


One of the most intense Emotions, next to fear; perhaps because it is it’s opposite. This energy brings us perhaps closest to the universe and or the devine. Unlike what most of us were taught in school, fear is loves true opposite; not hate.


plasma balls

Alot of psychic vampires, eventually try this because we’re curious…and its energy , but i do not recommend trying to feed from plasma balls, no matter how fun the psychedelia may be…it’s not very digestible or transmutable. ..You can feed on this spikey prickily energy..but i wouldnt recomend it.


Feeding Techniques


A well fed psychic vampire is a happy psychic vampire; and can be beneficial to the entire community. So often we forget to feed or feed unintentionally, that we dont even realize it, this can manifest itself in creating negative scenarios, creating drama, and all around giving yourself a bad reputation in the community. This is not to say vampires that feed on negative energy are bad, but there are ways like cycling energy to take someones negative energy and cycle back positive. which is one of the reasons there are many psychic vampires in the medical field.

Now I will discuss the common techniques that are utilized when feeding; The First method is Contact feeding. The Second method is directional feeding or the “head, heart, hands method; No doubt most have you already know this technique if your newly awakened. The Third technique is more advanced and focuses more on using psy-tendrils. Again I shall show you an interpretation, and how to feed via this method.
Besides learning how to feed, it is important to know that there are different types or levels of feeding; Ambiant feeding, surface feeding, and deep feeding.

Ambiant feeding- Feeding off the energy of a croud, group, or room.

Surface feeding- Feeding off the energy of a specific persons, astral or etheric energy.

Deep feeding- feeding off a specific persons core soul energy.

Contact Feeding

Feeding By Touch is one of the easiest ways to feed. This can be something as casual as a hug or holding hands,or Something completely intense such as kissing or sex. (please note that this particular picture above with Michelle Belanger, is not meant to imply any feeding taking place)

Also, one thing seldomly mentioned is left or right hand dominance. Everyone seems to have a hand that sends and a hand that takes energy. .. But since most of the population is right hand dominant, in most of the books you will find, that they say that your left hand is the energy taking hand and the right hand is the sending energy hand.. I have noticed that for me personally (since i am left -handed) and a few other psi’s , my taking hand is my right hand and my sending is my left.

Alot of psivamps don’t particularly like shaking hands for this reason,.

Contact by line of Site,or “eye contact” is another common way to feed by touch, and remote view (of course only with permission).

Directional Feeding

“Head, Heart ,and Hands- The Sacred Triad”

Directional feeding is usually one of the first methods of feeding you usually learn , and often times unintentional’s /unawakends use this method, but obviously aren’t aware of it. Some people prefer to call this method the head heart hand method, but its pretty much all semantics. Aside from the feeding techniques I’ve also included some other positions.. that are relevant...Only use this method on a Donor, or while feeding on Ambient energy

Now that that’s been Said, Lets begin:

fig 1


fig 2

This is one of two typical methods you will learn to use, in order to feed in this manner. See Fig 1. Notice you are forming an arrow, you would point at “preferably a donor” or above a crowd to take in the ambient energy.. It not just point and click…bam! you have energy.. Most of the people forget to mention the breath. As you breath in, focus on drawing in, with mouth open to begin with, As you inhale draw in the life-force/Prana/Chi.

Now see Fig 2. Notice aside from a kind of arrow you are forming a pentagram (use a lil imagination to fill in the lines) .. Use the same technique to draw in energy…

After awhile it will become second nature to use either of these intentionally …and you can progress to the second type of feeding. One of the main problems with this type of feeding is it is very obvious…even to the outside community.

Hense , why it is imortant for you to know that the hands only serve as a focus for tendril feeding. Though some may prefer one method over another.

NOW, here are some other hand positions connections you might see in the community at large, And I will attempt to translate them for you, though really they are very simple …But sometimes finding the information is hard …. Hence why I’m posting it.

fig 3

This hand position in Fig 3, Generally means you are receiving energy from a person.. Or if a person has their hands in that position they, are receiving energy…This IS different than taking it.

fig 4

This hand position in fig 4 , is a way of sending energy. When or if you send energy to another psivamp, they often respond with the hand position in fig 3…. Though not always. there are exceptions to every rule and teaching.

fig 5

This Hand position in Fig 5 means the person is “omni present”… Or “on to what your doing”…generally a back off sign if you just psi’d them, or were talking about them…you probably did something you weren’t supposed to, and lucky you… YOU just got caught!


Tendril Feeding

This technique of feeding is more advanced and is what most psychic vampires use, because it is less readily detectible. (This comes in especially handy if the culture you psi from is aware of psychic vampires)… I will attempt to explain some various uses of the tendril technique.

From what I’ve experienced all Psychic vampires have psi-tendrils… Some have chosen to develop the skill, others remain with the head heart hand technique.. They are generally grayish in appearance, though some see it as other colors (perception). Of Course once moving on to this level, you realize that the hands and the directional feeding technique, simply serve as a focus for your tendrils.

Fig 1-Tendril feeding drawing in with breath.

This Takes some developed sight, and familiarization with energy manipulation.. Focus on a donor from across the room.. Reach out with your mind, envision a long tendril extending from your subtle body to the donors.. Attach your tendril so that it penetrates, if it does not the first time…Try again.. Now envision your tendril is hollow, and suck in the energy like a vortex , using your will….As you inhale, draw in the energy. Use figure 1. as a reference.

Fig 2 Tendrils and drawing in from Third Chakra

Another method is to Draw in from your Chakra… Ussaully either the navel or the third eye chakra, and draw in the energy like a vortex.

Good shielding techniques are some of the essentials you should first learn


Psychic / Psionic Lessons


The following page Contains articles and individual lessons on developing your own psychic skills and working with and manipulating energy. If you are looking for more information and are unable to find it here. I encourage you to check out


Centering and Gounding are some of the early basics or magick and energy work one should first learn and practice. When a person is uncentered or grounded they may seem flighty, disconnected, scatterbrained, or not all there.
As natural “energy workers” we deal with emotions; our emotions and our donors/clients/patients emotions. The main way we can avoid burn out, and give the donors/clients/patients the best experience/working/treatment is by grounding and centering. These are some of the early basics that every energy worker and healer should first learn. For one reason, when performing any kind of energy work or healing, the person you’re feeding on/working with/treating may be holding on to emotional baggage, drama, or traumas that need to be released; and a manner of energetic transference occurs. Another reason is that when an energy practitioner is uncentered and ungrounded they may seem flighty, spacey, disconnected, scatterbrained, and or “not in the moment”. By grounding the energy worker is able to rid themselves of unwanted emotions and energies that can hinder an effective working.
Grounding is the act of visualizing yourself firmly connected to the earth, and allowing the release of energies, or emotions that may be too powerful or incompatible with your own body and energetic system.
Centering is to find yourself, in the now or present; and let go of thoughts concerning the past or future. In essence, to center is to allow yourself to enter a state of mindfulness.

A Basic lesson of Centering and grounding is to take a moment and visualize your feet growing roots and going deep into the earth (yes it stil works if your in an upper level of an aparment..just visualize going down deeper 😛 ).

How to Begin
1 Let go- First begin by letting go of all the tension you can, all the negativity, all the anxiety, all the excess energy, and emotional build up, and relax, calm yourself. Close your eyes if you choose, and visualize your body as a glass container and with each emotion and negative or excess energy you build up and let go of, the container changes color, allowing it to get murky in the process.

2 Anchor-visualize your feet forming roots in the earth, going deep all the way down to the center. The bottoms of these roots begin to open and become porous.

3 Releasing negativity-Let go of all that negative and unwanted energy, allowing yourself to be cleansed and the glass container that is your body to be cleansed. Envision the negative energy being cleansed by the earth and purified.

4 Charge yourself (depending on your personal religion or philosophy) – Visualize a white light shining down from above and filling you up with white radiant liquid/ purified energy. OR visualize fresh new purified energy now sanctified by the earth rising from your feet, and a brilliant light filling your body.

5 Center- sit or stand quietly and just notice your body and spirit, let the everyday thoughts of the past and future slip away. Focus on how you are feeling “now”, pay attention to the how and why of your feelings. Recognize any stray thoughts, but focus on where you are, and what you are feeling and doing.

“Mindfulness” can be thought of as being in the present state of “I AM” rather than “I was” (of which the thoughts and state of being are focused on the past and past traumas) or “I might be”/“I will be”(of which your thoughts and being are focused on the future).


The ability to know and feel someone else’s emotions psychically is known as empathy. It is not the ability to read or interpret auditory cues or body language. (That’s covered in a different section). It is common for people to have experienced empathy without any realization of it, whether it is from friends or family. No doubt you have heard of cases of empathy including Twins or siblings that can feel the emotions of the other. In first learning and understanding your empathic ability it is necessary to learn to distinguish your emotions, from that of others. Therefore it is necessary to be alone and or isolate yourself from people on occasion to make sure your emotions are your own. Then go out with one person, and open your self up to the experience of just being with them in the moment, talking and doing, or doing and talking; begin to expand your emotional body, and feel the others emotions. Many People can pick up on the psychic and empathic current in the room, which can be more noticeable than you may think. Another method of establishing an empathic rapport is by creating a link to that person, group of people, or even animals.



Every person we come in contact with, and especially touch; we form subtle links. These links are mental and spiritual bonds between two individuals. Some links are strong, others weak; but they are always formed. Over time these links seem to form an interweaving tapestry, interconnecting all people through space and time. Many of the links that fall under this distinction are often referred to as “warp links”, as the connection is soo strong, the person seems to jump almost instantaneously to that person, even over greater distances instantly. Some of these stronger links can be empathic, others telepathic, some are linked in on one level, and others all levels which help form “soul circles”.
Intentionally creating a strong link can be done in the following manner:

To create a link– begin by creating a focused stream of energy or even a tendril to the target you wish to connect with. Focus on strengthening the link with your mind.
After the link is strengthened, begin by opening your mind to the feelings of the target, but be aware of your own emotions as well. Mindfulness of your own emotions should be paid attention to because, just as you can receive emotions, you can also send emotions to your target. If you’re incapable of keeping your own emotions in check, it can be difficult at first to differentiate your own emotions with that of the targets.
As time develops you will learn to keep the link and maintain it over greater distances.

Tracing a link– If you notice that someone is linking to you without your consent; essentially spying on your activities, and it is unwanted or someone is feeding on you indirectly; one way to isolate the source is by tracing the link. This can be done by finding the point of the link and sending feedback, by which you are purely seeing where it goes. Sometimes if the person is skilled they will feed through an intermediary as a first step to disguising their activities(covered later in this book); if they are really skilled they may use several. With time, skill and perseverance all links can be tracked to its original source. Unless the person terminated the link before the final person link was established.

If you know a person that has established the link with you, and is online or using a medium that is easily traceable, and has posted a location of where they live on a website, or on a site like “Myface”; then you should utilize the information given such as the persons location, which will be the function of your focus. Any gain in an acquisition of focus, is equated to a greater concentration of intent. Therefore within this greater intent, it will bring you back to a more powerful use of the Magickal Formula.

Severing a link
– When you want to sever or close the link, simply visualize the energy stream closing down and detaching and drawing apart. Another method is to imagine physically cutting the link 3 times. The later method seems to be a favorite among pagans and Wiccans.

Filtering/shielding empathic overload-Keep in mind that when you open your self up to feeling one or more peoples emotions you can be overloaded with others emotions, that is why you’ll need to learn shielding first, in order to program a suitable filter to let in the emotions you want to feel and keep out the ones you dont want to be overwhelmed with . Another method that helps is Grounding and Centering which is a common magickal practice and will be covered later in this section.


The ability to hear with astral ears is called clairaudience. It is a precursor to telepathy. Like being able to pick up a one way telephone and listen in on a conversation. Utilization of this ability is a great way to hear what’s really going on in the community, and is especially helpful in nightclubs. However this ability should be carefully monitored and kept in check. Unless distant links are forged you should generally not be able to hear voices or people telling you to do things while you are alone. If this is the case, first see if you have any distant links, second I would highly recommend seeing a doctor; as hearing voices while you’re by yourself maybe signs of a serious mental illness.


The ability to communicate from one mind to another by psychic or extrasensory means is telepathy. It is similar to clairaudience with the exception that, not only can you hear the person; but you can speak to them as well with an astral voice or imagery. Some people are stronger at listening, some stronger at being astral spokespeople (though they may be the astral equivalent of being deaf as a haddock), and some are stronger at both.
Complete communication it is comprised of two parts; sending and receiving. Most people can mentally shout something or broadcast a loud thought accidentally. The problem typically is receptivity, or receiving incoming messages from random people instead of a focused few or person of importance. For this book, and its lessons; we will be focusing on learning with only one person. The type of communication involved in telepathy can range from thoughts, images, auditory experiences and feelings. As I stated earlier, for this reason Empathy is considered a form of telepathy.
Before you begin navigating a persons mind, let’s discuss the various different types and levels of thoughts that you’ll encounter. Have you ever heard the sayings “he’s on the same wavelength”, or “he’s on the same level”?
We tend to communicate with people that are on the same mental and intellectual level as we are. Drastic differentiations can lead to severe translational and communicational errors. To minimize the risk of being misunderstood we typically can communicate better with those individuals that are at the same mental maturity. Communication, like energy work can be done on multiple levels to reach multiple audiences but some of the message and intent may be lost. One beautiful instance of this would be a conversation with a woman who has a “Valley girl” stereo/archetype and a genius (geek) who is in MENSA. The genius may grasp what the valley girl is saying, though may have to decipher it into the vocabulary the person is more familiar with; however the genius communicating the message may rarely understood (it at all) unless lowering the level of speech so tat it can be understood more readily.
There are four main different types of thoughts. The first three types of thoughts, playfully called levels among some telepaths are as follows; Broadcast thoughts Surface thoughts, and shielded thoughts. The forth type of thought; “deep thoughts” can be divided into a whole plethora of levels.

Broadcast Thoughts
People have the easiest time picking up on broadcast thoughts, these are the loud thoughts you can unconsciously transmit to another person without saying anything. For example if Johnny is sitting next to Billy in a car and loudly thinking “what ever happened to Sam?”, and seemingly “coincidentally” Bill says out loud. “You know, I wonder what ever happened to Sam.”

Surface thoughts
The first level of thoughts you’ll reach when you begin telepathic communication is what we call “Surface thoughts”, these are the mundane thoughts that people have throughout the day. They are readily easy to receive and navigate because they are seldom shielded, and are often times boring. Many times these surface thoughts are also noticeable through body language queues as well. This will of course be covered in depth later in this book.

Shielded Thoughts
The next level of thought’s you will encounter when navigating a mind are shielded thoughts. As the name suggests these are more closely guarded thoughts, personal thoughts, secrets, and things that person does not want others to know. However as there are thousands of different physical nuero-pathways to certain thoughts, there are typically nearly an equal amount of ways to bypass even some of the toughest walls.
When I talk about walls in the mind, there are typically two kinds: ones to keep secrets in, and ones to keep in repressed memories. The latter if breached can cause those memories to resurface and in fact be quite harmful to the person if they are not ready or capable to deal with the past traumas. These traumas include personal hardships and abuse, societal traumas, and genetic or ancestral traumas.

Deep Thoughts
Deep thoughts are very hard to penetrate at first; they typically are more spiritual in nature although remnants of deep traumas like genetic and or ancestral abuse may still be lurking in this level. Deep thoughts can seem labyrinthine and nonlinear the further and deeper you go, like cascading neurons and thoughts that eventually connects to the knowledge of the soul.

Telepathic Messaging Lesson
One of the first ways to begin to develop your telepathic ability is to practice both sending and receiving with another person, in controlled settings. Start first by telling the person which role they will be playing; either the sender or the receiver. Then go into different rooms with a pen and paper.

The Telepathic Sender should begin by using the following steps:
1.) Send out a stream of energy or the emotion of love to the recipient while visualizing both the targets name and face, forming a link.
2.) Focus your full attention on the mental level and quiet all emotions, if you feel energy being sent to you, send it back to amplify the link.
3.) Visualize a specific message or image
4.) Send the message forth on the stream of energy or love to the recipient.
5.) Stop sending the stream of energy to the recipient and close down the mental link you have created.
6.) Write the thoughts you sent down on a piece of paper.

The Telepathic Receiver should begin by using these steps:
1.) Focus sending out a stream of energy or positive emotion to the sender. Visualize your stream of energy intercepting the telepathic senders’ stream of energy; and allow a link to be formed.
2.) Once the link is established use your own Will power to send energy to the sender, the Sender will in turn send the energy back in or to raise the consciousness of the sender, and amplify the energy, allowing both your minds to merge and relax; unburden yourselves from all emotional stress.
3.) Allow your mind to relax, and be clear and calm. This will make it easier for your mind to receive the incoming thoughts, or allow your mind to be more readily molded by the incoming thoughts or thought forms. It may take some time or the thoughts could just “pop” into your mind. If it does “pop” into your mind, hopefully the sender has a less cheesy sense of humor than my mentor, who sent a visualization of the “Stay Puft Marshmallow Man”.
4.) Write your findings down.
5.) Compare your results.

Telepathic Intrusion Counters
There are a variety of methods to prevent, contain, or control the flow of information that a telepath has access; once they have made a link to you. The first method is standard prevention; which is to make you look mentally unappealing and boring. I therefore recommend trying to think loudly or broadcast stupid poetry, repeat one “mundane” word or sentence over and over again.
Or even better, make yourself sound like a newbie…

Telepathic Communication with Animals
Once you gain experience with telepathic communication you may want to try communicating telepathically with animals. With experience this can be easily done; however animals communicate differently, especially depending on what type of animal.
The first step in understanding how to telepathically communicate with animals should be quite obvious: they don’t know English, so they can’t communicate through words. Pets may have picked up on a few vocalized words like “good”, “Bad”, “food”. However this will only get you so far. So how do you communicate telepathically with an animal? The answer is simple: “pictures” and visual images.
Try sending the thoughts of eating, or protecting, you can even visualize what it should protect against, i.e. certain people and especially in the case of cats, visualize spirits, elementals, demons, astral parasites. You’d be surprised at how soon after they’d appear to be “jumping and pawing at air” to protect the territory at your suggestion. Of course the communication works both ways, any animal person can pick up one what the animal is trying to say if they learn to observe the animals body language. However we don’t tend to listen in on the telepathic suggestions made by pets, familiars, and animals which once again are sent by pictures and visual images.
Animals are far superior at reading the body language of Homo Sapiens, so you should also not entirely refrain from body language at first; as it tends to confuse them. Once the animal has become accustomed to your telepathic suggestions, try to stop the body language and take it from there. Over time this can develop into quite beneficial and rewarding relationships for all parties involved.


Remote viewing (RV) is a skill by which a person (a “viewer”) can perceive objects, people,or events at a location removed from him or her by either space or time. The person does not actually have to be there, nor do they need objects such as television, telephone, etc., to gain information about the target. Generally speaking, Even with proper shielding it’s difficult to prevent a properly-trained remote viewer from gaining access to the desired target. (side note-this is where cloaking comes in handy).

In Scientific Experiments Remote viewing is often called (CRV): “Controlled Remote Viewing” or “”Coordinate Remote Viewing”

Here is a site for the: Remote Viewers Guild


Psychokinesis previously known as Telekinesis, is the ability to move things with your mind. Psychokinesis is probably a more accurate term since it means “Mind movement”, where as Telekinesis means “Distant movement”. When actually what is happening is the mind is moving objects by way of Psi or psionic abilities.
The problem I have found with this explanation is that it give the person that is trying to learn this psi ability the perception that they are trying to “bend a spoon with their mind”. In first attempting to learn psychokinesis, I highly recommend finding a tool called a “telekinetic enhancer”. You can ussualy find them at magick shops, Ebay, or from an Azure Green catalog.

You begin by influencing the metal cross like disk to go in clockwise or counter clock wise, by having your hands or hand beside it…After awhile you learn to develop control…And you learn to make it harder, and do it at greater distances.

Anyway moving on , once you use one of these tools you begin to understand what the misconception is..And that my friends, is that you are moving it only in part with your mind…The rest you are moving by force of will through the manipulations of your subtle energy fields.
To view the Youtube video click Here


Bi-location is similar to remote viewing however it is a partial detachment of ones consciousness, in order to remotely follow or listen into a remote conversation as well as a physically present conversation. When I first began studying remote viewing I couldn’t differentiate between the two abilities. I was deceived by such television shows as “Charmed” into thinking that it was a physical duel representation of being or being in physical form in two places at once. The easiest way to explain the reality of this is when you’re in a group conversation form of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) kicks in, and you’re listening in to both conversations and interacting.


While this is definitely not a “psychic ability” in itself; I feel that I must at least give a warning. One of the most despicable psychic crimes and intrusions that can take place is “psychic rape”. Despite those that like to be victims by suggesting psychic feeding “without consent” is rape (while it’s not ethical, and I don’t endorse it), it is not. However, psychic rape does exist; One method of complete violation I have encountered personally is when a remote viewer/clairvoyant/Bi-locator “Hacks” (for lack of a better word) through a link into the mind and eyes of another and remote views on a person engaging in a sexual encounter.
I’ve come across two effective counters for this; the first one should be obvious. Shield to try and break and sever the link between you and the person. If you’re alone or in a different room as the psychic rapist; the link “should” be relatively easy to break. The second effective method that seems to work is a form of mirror magick. Begin by finding a mirror and stare into it, then either trace the link back to its source; or by staring more intently, tell them that you are “on to them” and force them out with your will. After that, shielding is once again recommended. Later, you might also want to check your clothes for items that aren’t yours and may have been planted to keep a stable link


Shielding Techniques


Inevitably you will come across other psivamps or psychically draining people that might try to take energy from you.  The way to counteract this is by Shielding, or creating a psychic barrier so that no one can steal your energy or harm you from a different plane…i.e. astral, etheric…ECT.




Good shielding techniques are some of the essentials you should first learn.

One common practice though frowned upon (never the less it still happens) is for psivamps to test other psivamps….and also to feed on other psivamps.I want to first begin with a form of shielding that utilizes the same symbolism as the head-heart-hands method of directional feeding. It is really a basic, beginner shield; but nonetheless is effective. I’m asking you to use your hands in the beginning to create the same kind of Magickal response, a Magickal worker utilizes when using particular scents, oils or incense. (same basic principle).    This Shield is intended for even those who do not work with energy…(i.e. mundanes) 

Basic shield 1

Hold your hands in the following form (see fig 1). While doing so, envision a solid impenetrable wall, or white light forming around you like an egg or cocoon.  With your mind, envision your astral shell hardening, becoming rigid.

fig 1aura

Believe it is working…Belief might not seem important on this plane but it is everything in the spiritual planes. (also see “magickal formula “in the Glossary)

shield1fig 2

Another form of this shielding is the finger inter-lock technique… Exactly the same thing but using your thumb and middle fingers and interlocking them together (pic coming soon).

when you have mastered this…Now do it without using your hands as a reference..


Advanced Basic Shielding


Once your comfortable with basic shielding, now move on to this type of shield….Instead of an egg shape, I want you to form a Sphere.  A shield in an egg shape, can be penetrated, a sphere is less apt to be penetrated as quickly, though the draw back of this shield is that it does consume a bit of energy.

Moving shields

There are several types of shielding when you move beyond the first type of shielding. These shields focus on movement, as solid shields can be broken with psi-tendrils, and repeated psychic attacks. These shields vary in motion, energy modulation,  as well as energy consumption.  It is also important not to put crazy energy into  “Active” shielding, as such energy output in shielding can raise too many eyebrows, and invite the curiosity of other psivamps.. who would perhaps try to penetrate your shield just for fun or just to test it.

It is far better to have a “Reactive” shield, protective nonetheless, but reactive.


Waterfall/River  shielding

I have found This type of shielding to be very effective, as it is hard to penetrate the same spot twice because the shield is in constant motion.  The principle of this shield once you have the hard shell method down is to circulate the shielding letting it flow around you like “a waterfall” different areas flowing at different speeds modulating themselves…once you get this method down…its really low maintenance.


Chaotic shielding

The Chaotic shield is constantly moving , and ranodomly changing frequency, movement, and appearance. This type of shield is hard to penetrate, because a single or even repeated attempts at breaking this at the same spot is ussually ineffective.


 Fire Shield

The fire shield encompases the user like “the human torch” from the fantastic four… It burns off attacks, as its one of those elemental shields. Acommon external source would be the sun of course, or the earths core.

Spikey shield


Is exactly how it sounds, it may be a hard shell shield or a moving spike shield.

These nice cool looking shields look impressive but depending on the size they attract way to much curiosity…(I call it the menacing mouse shield). Since they are an active shield they do expend a lot of energy, and need attention in maintenance.  I mostly see a lot of newly awakends use this type of shield to be all big evil bad-assy… Most other Psi’s…really aren’t that impressed.


Active Offensive  Shieldingthis type of shielding also serves as an offense…when someone penetrates your shield with a tendril, you penetrate theirs with a tendril; therefore no energy will be lost.

 Mirror Shield

A mirror shield is commonly used among the pagan community, what it does is reflect the  attacks  back on the attacker, or reflects back negative energy…like a mirror…(Comically known as the”I’m rubber you’re glue” shield )



Empathic Shielding- Empathic shielding is typically not a direct assault on you (although it can be) it can be caused by traumatic events or people emoting to much on you..  In order for you not to be consumed by other peoples emotions it is necessary to be able to shield yourself this way also…This way you can differentiate your emotions from the ones you are around.



Cloaking- Cloaking is a technique that’s not easily explained how to do… It is a process by which one masks ones own energy signature.



In Conclusion This is just the beginning, eventually you will learn that shielding types are only limited by your imagination, and energy resources…If you learn these well, you will even discover you can power your shield externally.


Shielding Counters


The following Copyrighted article is printed with permission from the author,Wolf Kin. The original article can be found here:

Should be Counter Shielding 2
By Walkerofshadows

It is increasingly common for Guardians, Healers, Dream Walkers, or other Workers to run into people who are shielding or using other forms of defense. Many books have been written that contain a variety of shielding techniques. Unfortunately, most don’t give any instructions on how to bypass shields in the event of an emergency – something that Workers face fairly often.

The knowledge regarding how to counter shields of varying types is generally lacking. It is important to obtain this knowledge for a variety of reasons; healing someone who shields naturally; overcoming a shield someone has placed around you against your will disabling your ability to facilitate an attack, etc. Bypassing someone’s shields can be construed as a hostile act and therefore anyone using counter shielding techniques should be very selective in how they apply them.

Firstly, it is essential to remember and be cognizant that every defense in existence has a weakness and this provides a way for someone to go around that defense or force the user to discontinue it. There are no exceptions to this rule. The method used to counter the defense is a matter of deciding how much pain one wants to cause the user.

Secondly, it is important to keep in mind that patience is required in discovering the weakness of a particular shield or defense. In the absence of an active attack there is all the time in the world to discover a shield’s weakness. Rushing is of little value and can actually cause harm if the person is using the offense shield types. A single misstep can trigger the shield’s offensive capability.

Keep in mind that the methods that will be presented are by far not the only methods one can use to bypass shields. The methods to follow have been tested and proven to work by myself and those I’ve taught. As always, finding that which works best for us as individuals is a must.

Basic Shields

There are a variety of basic shields used and overused by the majority of people new to practicing. While working against these shield types always remember that most of the time the people who use these basic shielding methods are often not very experienced, despite what their power level might imply. Therefore, be very careful about tailoring attacks to the inexperience of the person and not necessarily the perceived idea of their strength based on the amount of energy sensed. Someone having power doesn’t mean they know how to use it.

Basic Personal Shield: Egg Shape

This shield is the most common and easiest to bypass. Mostly because people create such a shield and aren’t generally aware of the role that shape plays in its function. So because most will form it in the shape an egg they are leaving themselves open to possible vulnerabilities. Most people don’t have the experience needed to keep the shield solid across its entire surface and that is what provides the method of bypassing the shield.

There are two methods that are effective against the Egg Shape Shield: (although there are many other methods)

• The first and most painful method is to apply pressure to the top and bottom part of the shield simultaneously. This creates a backlash on the user of the shield until they are overwhelmed with pain and they decide to drop the shield. This method can also work if the person is using a shape that has corners, just apply pressure to the corners.

• The second method is to look for the weak points in the shield. These areas will appear less bright than other parts of the shield, sometimes holes may be detected. This goes back to the fact that most people are not experienced enough to have a shield solid across its entire surface. Once these weakness points are found it’s a simple matter of using a low power offensive technique to puncture the shield.

Basic Personal Shield: Skin Tight

Generally there are two reasons for this shield. One is that the person is too lazy and/or weak to create a full sized shield. Two, the person has a bit more experience and has decided to use this type in order to have its presence masked by the aura. Careful evaluation can determine the reasoning behind the shield and this will help with properly tailoring the attack in accordance with one of the two types.

Bypassing this kind of shield is fairly simple. It’s powered from the person’s own energies and careful observation will determine quickly if the person is someone who knows what they are doing or not. Obvious signs are the inability to keep it solid across the entire surface; erratic fluctuations in shape, etc. While the person doesn’t realize it, they have provided the easiest way to bypass their shield because of the shape they chose to use. Never underestimate the usefulness of backlash when breaching a shield. ?

Spend some time studying the shield to be certain of what there is to deal with. Points to remember:

• If you have determined that the person is simply an amateur you have two choices in how to continue. It is not a good idea to use an offensive attack because the person has placed their energetic structure so close to their energetic structure that pretty much any attack used will cause them harm.

• The first choice is to cause backlash. This is done by approaching the target via projection and simply placing the “hands” on either side of the skull and applying pressure. This is a guaranteed way of ensuring the shield won’t stay up long.

• The second choice for dealing with this shield is to look for a weak point and literally just tear the shield apart with bare hands. Of course, if there is no concern about the damage to the target one can use full power attacks. It is strongly advised that these not be used if the intention is to aid the person.

Basic Personal Shield: Sphere

This is a variation of the Basic Personal Shield in which the person actually knows enough to form the shield in a sphere so that attacks are spread across the surface. The person has enough experience to hold the shield solid across the entire surface.

While this shield design is marginally more useful than the others, it still has several weaknesses that make it easy to bypass.

• First of all, this shield is powered by the person’s own energy. They can’t hold out against a sustained attacked for long periods of time. To bypass this shield one uses lower power attacks repeatedly so that the person is forced to use more and more energy to keep the shield stable. Eventually they will be too tired to keep the shield solid and at this point you can puncture it at will.

• The next method is to simply take advantage of the fact that with his shield type there is nothing to prevent one from literally blowing it to pieces. Use full power attacks against it until it cracks. If there is a concern about draining oneself use a sword of power to cut a hole in the shield. There is nothing about the design of this shield that makes it unhealthy for someone to pierce it.

• The third method (my favorite) is just to drain the shield of energy as this also drains the user. It causes less pain and injury and has the added bonus of giving one an added energy boost so there is no energy cost to breach the shield.

• There is another option that may be used fairly safely since the person is likely only a beginner. Look for any links the person has and use those to get in. At their low level of experience it is very unlikely that the individual knows how to set pattern recognition tricks on their links. Even if they did know the odds are they don’t have enough experience with attacks to make one uncomfortable.

Externally Powered Shields

Externally powered shields are the next step in shield evolution. Most people who use these have learned to do so because they found out the hard way what problems are caused when powering a shield from one’s own energy. Namely that it can cost a lot when one comes under attack.

Basic Externally Powered Shield

This version is usually spherical in shape. This is primarily because the person has learned from experience (usually the hard way) the perils of using non spherical shields as a beginner. They’ve decided they like having attacks spread over the entire surface instead of being pin pointed to one location.

How to By-Pass This Kind of Shield

This shield is actually quite good. Unfortunately, or fortunately, in our case, most people tend to forget that if something is powered from an outside source, that source can be disrupted. This gives us one way to by pass it.

• The first thing to do is spend some time searching for the flow of energy which is powering the shield. Once you have located the flow it is a simple matter to place a form of a dam in it, thus causing the shield to fail within a matter of time. In cases where the person has been smart and has several flows entering the shield, we must resort to placing a shield of our own around their shield, thereby cutting off the power flow. Then it is just a matter of waiting for the shield to collapse and listening to the person curse 🙂

• Another easy way to bypass this shield is simply to cut or blow a hole in it. This isn’t an offensive shield therefore doing so poses no risk to us. It’s quicker than waiting for the shield to fail.

Elemental Shields

Elemental shields are formed entirely of energy that falls into one of the five elements. They are very good in some ways but in other ways their very makeup provides the way to bypass them.

Bypassing this kind of shield

There are a few ways to bypass one of these shields depending on your level of experience and that of the user.

• If the shield is powered externally (the majority of these types are since most people can’t be bothered to convert their own energy over to an elemental type) we handle it like any other externally powered shield and cut off its power source. This as always forces the user to either discontinue the shield or to switch the power source to their internal energy.

• Another method of bypassing this shield is simply to hit it with its opposite element. For example, if the person is using a Fire based shield, hit it with Water or Earth energy to get rid of it.

• If you have the experience required you may use a third method that is far simpler and less time consuming. Simply use the banishing pentagram (from the LBRP) associated with that particular element.

River Shields

This shield is one that has been seen on a couple of occasions and is very annoying. It is a perfect example of an external shield. Make note of the fact that it is an external shield and not an externally powered shield. The premise of this shield is that energy is constantly flowing around and away from the user thus carrying any attack with it. These shields are very useful if the user has not been foolish enough to only have the one shield and not another one underneath. If the River shield is their only one they are left defenseless.

Bypassing This Kind of Shield

• This is another shield where paying attention to detail is critical. While it is easy to bypass it can be tricky if the energy coming in and out of it is not noticed. Occasionally the user will have the flow very slow moving so it is hard to notice the fact that attacks aren’t having much success. To bypass it just find the incoming flow and block it – that simple.

Advanced Shields

Be very careful when encountering a person with an advanced shield since the very fact that they’re using them says a lot about their level of experience. Most commonly, these shields are used by Workers; hence breaching them without a very good reason would be a severe breach of etiquette 🙁

Absorption Shields

Absorption shields are the parent of the Transformational shield mentioned later. The premise is that these shields allow the user to convert energy that hits it and use said energy to power the shield.

Breaching This Kind of Shield

This shield, like all in this section can be tricky to bypass, unless your skill is at least equal to the user. If it is not, save the time, pain, and possible cost of a funeral and leave the user alone. While the intruder is busy trying to handle this shield, the user of the advanced shield is busy trying to handle the intruder.

• These shields can be very weak against simultaneous multiple attack types. If for no other reason than the concentration many have to use to be able to convert the energy properly. Therefore, spend time trying to find what it’s weak against and when found, hit it with all you’ve got.

• Spend some time examining this shield. If no toxic energies are present (what is toxic to one may not be to another so this is an individual matter) by all means drain the thing. If this is to be the course of action it is important to be careful and only drain a little at first to be certain that it is not toxic.

• Like their child, the transformational shield, this one is extremely weak against Gates. This gives another method to try and bypass it if the requisite amount of skill is present.

• Another method is to hit it with as much toxic energy as possible since converting this is more time consuming and will put a larger strain on the user. The goal here is trying to poison the shield and possible the user if they are one of those who draws extra strength from the shield.

• The final option is to try and use a normal weapon against it. After all, the person has designed it to convert any energy attack that hits it. It is amazing how often people forget things like normal weapons when they design.

Offensive Shields

It must be stressed that these are very advanced shields. If this shield is encountered it is recommended that the user be left alone unless one has experience with offensive techniques. As mentioned before, the odds are that while the bypass attempt is being made the user is counter attacking. That being said, there are ways around this shield.

Bypassing this type of shield

When dealing with these shields it is important to remember that most are designed to absorb attacks. Thus, the attacks make them stronger. It’s not possible to pierce this type of shield as this will detonate all of the collected energy at you and then reform almost instantly. This will hurt a great deal, if it doesn’t prove fatal. Bypassing this shield requires several steps.

• The first task is to shut off the power flow into the shield and force the user to power the shield themselves. If the shield detonates it might very well be enough to render the person unconscious. To shut off the power use a shield as with any other externally powered shield, but with slight differences in how it is formed. When setting up this shield it is integral that the only the user can pass through and nothing else.

• Next, set up an externally powered mirror shield with the mirror side pointed towards the user of the shield so that what they send to attack will hopefully bounce back at them. The reason for this is simple and twofold. Firstly, most aren’t fond of getting “shot” at while trying to work. The mirror shield helps stop that if one is lucky. If not, praying is suggested because it would mean one has obviously tangled with someone far stronger than them. Secondly, the hope is that the user’s attacks will bounce back and pierce their shield, thereby causing it to detonate. This can be good for the simple fact that if one is lucky the user of the shield was stupid and just set the shield to detonate at the attacker, which in this case would be their own person. 🙂 Even if they weren’t that stupid there is a chance one’s mirror shield might bounce the detonated energy back and fry the user. However, even if all these possibilities fail there is advantage in the fact that after one of these shields detonates they are very weak and thus far safer to pierce.

• After the mirror shield is placed start draining the shield of energy. Just be careful in this step not to take all from one spot since if the shield breaches it will go boom. Continue this until the shield wavers. At this point it is reasonably safe to pierce it with a sword of power, providing of course that one is shielded well enough to protect against the minimal backlash. Remember, ONLY use a sword of power, if the shield is attacked using any other method, it will help recharge it.

• One other possibility is if it is known that the person is psychically linked to people, follow their links past the shield. Be careful as many people who have enough talent to keep one of these power hungry monsters functional use ID tricks on their links to stop this and have no qualms about destroying anyone not their link mate who tries to use it.

Multiple Layer Shields

These are one of the better designed shields. Unfortunately, like many designs, people who use it tend to get a bit lazy at times and stick to the basic shield types outlined above instead of designing their own new variations. Keep in mind though that the user of this shield type is usually someone who does have a fair bit of strength and experience as evidenced by the fact that they are maintaining this many shields simultaneously. Thus, expect to come under fire rather quickly when work starts One should make sure their own shields are at full power before starting this work. Also, these shields CAN have offensive capabilities so one should keep that in mind when working and take time to avoid possibly dangerous mistakes.

Bypassing this kind of shield

These shields can be extremely complex or very simple depending on the user. Luckily shields tend to work on certain principles no matter what type and as always this is what gives us our way in.

• First thing’s first, to see what happens, it is suggested to send a half dozen of one’s best battle constructs at the shield, preferably ones stripped of signature. The reason for this is to determine what kind of attacks the person favors, as well as to see what kind of nasty surprises if any they have placed in their shields. Stripping them of signature is suggested because if it is determined that one honestly doesn’t have a chance of breaching this shield and being able to walk away from it. It’s possible to get results and then decide if one should merely fade away.

• If the decision has been made to continue with plans (you better be as good as you think you are) the next step is to spend some time watching and analyzing the shield. Look for incoming power flows, any times when the shields look to be weaker(many people’s shields drop in strength or drop entirely when they are sleeping or distracted)as well as attempting to discover what kind of shields the person is using for each layer and how many layers there are. Don’t worry about how long this takes, all the time in the world is available and rushing doesn’t help anything.

• The next step is to drop one’s own shield around the person. This shield will have two purposes. The first is to cut off any incoming power flows, the second is to give an extra buffer and a possible rebound effect against them versus their counter attacks and any nasty surprises in their shields which will start about the moment they discover you’ve dropped a shield on them. So design it appropriately.

• Now it’s just a matter of slowly making one’s way through each shield keeping a close eye on the shield dropped around them for any signs of weakness. Remember, if that shield falls, one will become suddenly vulnerable to a person who is more than likely very pissed so make sure to keep it strong. Examine each shield and counter it using the techniques described already. Do not attempt to breach the person’s shields all at once. Several people tend to alternate basic shields with offensive ones. One has no concept of how much damage several offensive shields can do when detonating simultaneously. To give an idea think about how much damage you would receive if you were at ground zero when an atomic bomb went off.

Spirit Shields

These shields are very rare to encounter. The premise of them is to gather a sufficient number of entities and convince/bind them into forming a living shield around the user. This is another of those shields that if seen it is best not to attempt to breach it unless absolutely necessary since the person obviously has some very large amounts of both power and experience. (Special thanks go to Melishal for reminding me of this type of shield’s existence.)

Breaching this kind of shield

***WARNING*** These techniques are entirely theory and have yet to be tested so use at your own risk.

Spend some time analyzing and as always look for any obvious weak points as well as any form of binding on the spirits.

• When ready, shield to the absolute best of your ability before you even think of beginning.

• Now, if there are any signs of bindings on the spirits, those should the first target. Snap those as quickly as possible with preferred methods. The reason for this is that despite what many believe, more often than not most entities aren’t particularly fond of the person using them and once released will very likely handle the person for you.

• If there was no sign of bindings, there are a few options. The first one is to simply kill the entities. The idea they aren’t alive and hence can’t be killed simply because they are not incarnate is a common misconception. To accomplish this, the best bet is to use the absolute strongest wide area of effect attacks and hope like hell.

• The second option is to try and banish the whole works. After all, they don’t belong where they are, hence things like the LBRP should work to banish them same as it would for any other entity.

• The next option is to try and Gate the entire shield en masse elsewhere, which providing one has the experience to make it work would leave the user of the shield entirely vulnerable.

• The last option is to try approaching from a different plane of existence, especially the etheric. Many practitioners make the mistake of forgetting they need to cover this plane, mainly because many forget it even exists and assume that all things out of body are the astral. This is entirely untrue as anyone who has experienced both will be quick to attest to. The reason it is suggested to hit from a different plane is that many entities are significantly weaker when brought into the etheric, imp because the energies are very different.

Transformational shields

This shield is a variation on the absorption shield. How good it is depends entirely on the skill and knowledge of the user. The premise of this shield is that it automatically converts any attack that touches it into a different energy type, usually prana, saves half to power itself and the rest is sent to the user. Breaching this type is difficult, but is possible as always. Tangling with the user of this kind of shield is extremely hazardous. Thus extreme caution should be used.

Breaching This Kind of Shield

• How we breach this shield depends entirely on how it’s made. Some people will make it a full sphere to give them more space, others will place it close to the skin in order to use the aura to mask it’s presence to the unwary.

• As always, cut off any external power flows, but do it at a distance from the shield since some variations on this design do reach out to and try to embrace their target.

• Now, if the shield is a sphere, we can bypass it entirely by simply Gating our attacks inside the shield. These shields were not designed for preventing this kind of attack. The user can’t afford to allow the shield to move to intercept the Gate simply because they risk it trying to convert them. After all, it is set to convert anything it touches.

• If the person was smarter and placed the shield close to the skin Gating in attacks becomes virtually impossible since there isn’t enough space to form it. Of course, one could attempt to alter the person’s energy into a Gate supposedly. That wouldn’t be considered a very ethical thing to do and is not something recommended.

• The best way to breach this shield is to throw everything one has at it simultaneously and hope the person didn’t plan for such eventualities. The idea being to try and overwhelm it.

• Most of these shields will be weak against one form or another of attack, if only because the person doesn’t know enough about the attack form to be able to defend against it. It will just take time and patience to find it.

Miscellaneous Shields

Now that we have finished covering the major types, we will cover some of the addons that may be encountered.

Anti-Empathic Shields

As the name implies this shield is designed specifically to prevent the user who is an empath from picking up all the emotions around them while allowing other things to pass through. Many also use this shield in reverse to stop themselves from broadcasting their emotions to others.

How to Bypass Anti-Empathic Shields

• Usually there is no reason to bypass one of these shields, as most often they are for preserving the mental health of the user more than anything else. It is strongly urged that this shield type be left alone.

• The easiest way to breach these shields is just to hit it with more emotional energy than it can block. To accomplish this, simply form a link to the user and send every ounce of emotional energy to them.

• The other way to handle it is to cut off its power source, be that internal or external using the techniques outlined earlier.

Intent Specific Shields

This is a detail that is often programmed into the basic shield types. What it does is act like a gatekeeper. If the shield has been programmed with intent to stop something specific, it will stop one from entering and trigger whatever other defenses the user has set up. If not, it allows one to pass. This type of setup is common when the user has set up offensive techniques to be triggered if the shield is under attack or breached. The reasoning is that they don’t want to accidentally nuke a friend.

Bypassing Intent Specific Shields

• This technique makes it much easier to bypass the basic shield types since all that has to be done is convince this Gatekeeper that intentions are honorable.

• Bypassing this shield requires two things. Firstly, stop all outgoing emotional and telepathic information – this is accomplished with a standard shield as well as an anti empathic one. Keep in mind, one will be scanned hard looking for any sign of ill intent towards the user, so prepare accordingly.

• Next is to project all sorts of nice things that give the appearance that no intention of harming the user exists. There is no real way to explain how to do this; it is a matter of using empathic projection to send out feelings of safety, happiness, etc, as well as being a good actor.

• Another method to breach a shield of this type is to alter one’s Signature to conform to one that is known to allow access. The Signature of the person’s significant other is commonly the best to use.

Jewelry Linked Shields

These are common among people who are lazy. They will tie their shields into a piece of jewelry in order to avoid having to pay attention to it.

Breaching This Kind of Shield

• Shields set up in this manner tend to be of the very basic variety. Several of them for the simple reason that the jewelry tends to act as a battery and it can’t maintain one of the more complex shields because of the power requirements. The simplest way to breach this shield is to just drain the battery which should show up real well to Sight. The one exception to this is in very rare cases where complex shield is seen tied into one and it’s noticed that it’s drawing from the person or external sources for enough power to maintain it. (By now you should know how to take care of this problem) 🙂

Mirror Shields

Mirror shields are used for a variety of purposes, but mainly they are used by people, especially wiccans, who want a non-offensive defense against attacks.

How to Bypass Mirror Shields

These shields are annoying to bypass in some ways because one has to be careful not to send the wrong things at it and have it bounce it back. However, it can be bypassed, it just takes some thinking and some patience.

• One way to bypass these shields is to force the user to drop it. To accomplish this we use a full power attack against it, and providing the mirror shield doesn’t shatter it will be bounced back. This is when you will place an externally powered Mirror Shield of your own right in front of it. This of course will cause the attack to bounce back again, and again, and again, ad infinitum until such time as the user gets tired of the backlash they are getting from each impact against their mirror shield and drop it.

• The other way to bypass it is to simply cut a hole in it with a sword of power. Since an offensive mirror shield is unheard of, one can be reasonably certain it is safe to do this.

No See Me Shield

This shield is actually extremely useful, but at the same time it doesn’t offer as much protection as most people think unless they’ve done some serious manipulations. The premise is that the person is surrounded by mist or some other substance which makes it very hard to hit a target.

Breaching This Kind of Shield

• Most people have this idea that something cannot be hit unless it can be seen. This can be true in the sense of the Shadow Shield which prevents one from being seen period by Sight. Unfortunately though, this shield doesn’t do that. The method for breaching it is not to worry about it. People who use this shield have a very bad habit of forgetting that we don’t need to know exactly where they are in the mist, we just have to hit all of the mist. Thus, to breach it, use the strongest wide area attacks.

Note on this shield: There are variations on this shield wherein the mist actually absorbs the attack. To ascertain if one is dealing with this kind of variation, take a few shots at it and watch carefully to see what happens. If it just goes through and keeps going, no problem. If it ceases to exist once it comes in contact with the mist then there’s a serious problem and it is recommended to just leave this one alone since that thing will take whatever is thrown at it.

Shadow Shields

These are a great example of intent specific shields. What these shields do is hide the user from the Sight of those who wish them harm. Think of it as a form of limited invisibility that works to a small degree in the physical realm as well. Those who wish the user harm just don’t notice the user though they could be standing ten feet away. Providing of course the user doesn’t do anything drastic to attract attention.

Bypassing Shadow Shields

• Because these are intent specific shields, use the method outlined above to bypass this shield.

Spinning Shields:

What these are is a basic shield type that has been set spinning very fast in order to make it extremely difficult to hit the same spot twice with an attack.

Bypassing Spinning Shields

• These shields are annoying, and some serious time should be spent studying them before trying to bypass them is even considered.

• Spend time observing the shield to ascertain what type of shield it is. One word of caution, offensive shields can be made to spin as easily as the basic ones so be certain to evaluate what is seen and pay attention to instincts.

• Now there are two options, the easy way and the hard way. The hard way is attempting to try and hit the same spot repeatedly with an attack. The easy way, and the one recommended, is just drain the shield of all energy.

Warp Shields

These shields are lots of fun to try and get rid of. The premise is that they gate elsewhere whatever is sent at them. Luckily for us there are some problems with it.

Breaching This Kind of Shield

• The biggest weakness this shield has is while less powerful than the advanced shields, it consumes an equal amount or more of energy. Plus, because it follows the rules of Gates one can use the same methods used to close a Gate to get rid of a warp shield.

• First thing’s first, cut off its power flow. That is one of the quickest ways to close any Gate, cutting off the energy it requires to stay open. In this case, unless the person is using other shields under it, which is doubtful considering the power drain of these things, the person will suddenly be defenseless, at least for a few moments.

• The second option is to create too many things for it to handle at once. Use simultaneous attacks from various directions.

• There is one other option that is not recommended because no one knows for certain what can or will happen. That is to watch as it is forming and send an attack and sever some of the strings that hold it together. While it is certain this will indeed collapse the Gate in a rather large hurry, the problem is no one knows what the effects of that fast a closing would be.

House Shields

These haven’t given these their own category because to be honest all house shields fall into the basic types with a very few exceptions. If one runs into those the odds are they won’t be able to handle the person who lives in that house anyway.

Bypassing House Shields

There are three main ways to bypass a house shield.

• Examine the doors, windows, ceiling and floor of the house. When most people set up house shields, they often forget to shield these areas as heavily as the rest of the house. Particularly in the case of windows and doors, they forget they have to renew those shields fairly often because they are being walked through. This weakness is one way in.

• Make a door. This sounds ridiculously simple because it is. Most people have no idea how to make offensive house shields, so there is nothing preventing us from using a sword of power to cut a hole in their shield thereby allowing us entrance.

• Gate in. This is an advanced technique, it is recommended it be much practiced and one gets very good at this before trying it with a house. For some strange reason, people tend to get rather upset with someone suddenly popping into existence inside of their living room. 🙂 In other words, one may have to leave again in a hurry. Basically what one is doing is creating a gate where the doorway is inside the house and thereby past the shields. It works for the simple fact that most people never think about the possibility of someone projecting inside their house. They for some reason expect them to use the old ghost trick of walking through a wall or door.

• Just for fun of course, if one is really bored and has energy to spare, one can just blow a hole in the shield with offensive attacks.

Thus ends this introduction to Counter Shielding techniques. I hope you have learned a great deal about how to bypass shields, as well as the mechanics behind shields. Hopefully you have discovered ways in which to improve your own shields in order to make it more difficult to bypass them. The most important thing when it comes to bypassing shields is to use your head and take the time to study the shield thoroughly before you try and bypass it. I am certain you will occasionally encounter shields that aren’t listed here, mainly because no work on shields can claim to list all of them since we all put our own twists to the shields we use. Luckily though most work on the same principles and if you observe carefully you may see where the weakness lies. Pay particular attention to what the shield looks like, sometimes people will make shields that look like glass or some other material. When this happens you can usually use the attacks that would break the real material to break the shield. Another thing you should always remember is that there is always a chance that the person knows some offensive techniques and won’t think twice about using them if you try to breach their shields, therefore, always keep your own shields at full power when working. Finally, as I said in the introduction, there is no defense that will ever be designed that cannot be gone around, or the user forced to discontinue it given enough time and patience. There are no exceptions to this rule.

-Wolf Kin Copyright 2006


Leaky Bucket


The Leaky Bucket Story “A normal human is like a bucket that has water in it. This water represents energy. When the bucket loses water or it spills out …It can be replaced with more water, and generally stays the same… The Psychic vampire however is like a leaky bucket, with holes in the sides of the bucket…constantly losing water, or energy. The rate, at which one loses the water out of the bucket, depends on how “leaky” the psivamp is. Thus determining how often some psivamps need to feed.” This leaky bucket story (as there are many within the Vampire community) is a short anecdote that I first wrote in 1998, when I was a moderator frequenting an internet forum called “The Psyvamp Information Exchange”. Its initial purpose was to serve as a training tool, for newly awakened psivamps It was initially formulated after reading the book “The Secret Science behind Miracles” By Max Freedom Long; in which the author explains several meanings and symbols of vital force used by Hawaiian Kahunas (shamans). The symbol that Hawaiian Kahunas use to represent Vital Force or vital energy is water. This was due to vital energies tendency to flow, and occasionally “leak” depending on the state of the subtle bodies. The misconception is that this story was originally meant to describe psychic vampirism in general, when actually its original intent was to show why some psivamps need to feed more often than others. In certain Houses, you will undoubtedly find they differentiate the need to feed, with certain Castes.


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