Psychic / Psionic Lessons

Psychic / Psionic Lessons


The following page Contains articles and individual lessons on developing your own psychic skills and working with and manipulating energy. If you are looking for more information and are unable to find it here. I encourage you to check out


Centering and Gounding are some of the early basics or magick and energy work one should first learn and practice. When a person is uncentered or grounded they may seem flighty, disconnected, scatterbrained, or not all there.
As natural “energy workers” we deal with emotions; our emotions and our donors/clients/patients emotions. The main way we can avoid burn out, and give the donors/clients/patients the best experience/working/treatment is by grounding and centering. These are some of the early basics that every energy worker and healer should first learn. For one reason, when performing any kind of energy work or healing, the person you’re feeding on/working with/treating may be holding on to emotional baggage, drama, or traumas that need to be released; and a manner of energetic transference occurs. Another reason is that when an energy practitioner is uncentered and ungrounded they may seem flighty, spacey, disconnected, scatterbrained, and or “not in the moment”. By grounding the energy worker is able to rid themselves of unwanted emotions and energies that can hinder an effective working.
Grounding is the act of visualizing yourself firmly connected to the earth, and allowing the release of energies, or emotions that may be too powerful or incompatible with your own body and energetic system.
Centering is to find yourself, in the now or present; and let go of thoughts concerning the past or future. In essence, to center is to allow yourself to enter a state of mindfulness.

A Basic lesson of Centering and grounding is to take a moment and visualize your feet growing roots and going deep into the earth (yes it stil works if your in an upper level of an aparment..just visualize going down deeper 😛 ).

How to Begin
1 Let go- First begin by letting go of all the tension you can, all the negativity, all the anxiety, all the excess energy, and emotional build up, and relax, calm yourself. Close your eyes if you choose, and visualize your body as a glass container and with each emotion and negative or excess energy you build up and let go of, the container changes color, allowing it to get murky in the process.

2 Anchor-visualize your feet forming roots in the earth, going deep all the way down to the center. The bottoms of these roots begin to open and become porous.

3 Releasing negativity-Let go of all that negative and unwanted energy, allowing yourself to be cleansed and the glass container that is your body to be cleansed. Envision the negative energy being cleansed by the earth and purified.

4 Charge yourself (depending on your personal religion or philosophy) – Visualize a white light shining down from above and filling you up with white radiant liquid/ purified energy. OR visualize fresh new purified energy now sanctified by the earth rising from your feet, and a brilliant light filling your body.

5 Center- sit or stand quietly and just notice your body and spirit, let the everyday thoughts of the past and future slip away. Focus on how you are feeling “now”, pay attention to the how and why of your feelings. Recognize any stray thoughts, but focus on where you are, and what you are feeling and doing.

“Mindfulness” can be thought of as being in the present state of “I AM” rather than “I was” (of which the thoughts and state of being are focused on the past and past traumas) or “I might be”/“I will be”(of which your thoughts and being are focused on the future).


The ability to know and feel someone else’s emotions psychically is known as empathy. It is not the ability to read or interpret auditory cues or body language. (That’s covered in a different section). It is common for people to have experienced empathy without any realization of it, whether it is from friends or family. No doubt you have heard of cases of empathy including Twins or siblings that can feel the emotions of the other. In first learning and understanding your empathic ability it is necessary to learn to distinguish your emotions, from that of others. Therefore it is necessary to be alone and or isolate yourself from people on occasion to make sure your emotions are your own. Then go out with one person, and open your self up to the experience of just being with them in the moment, talking and doing, or doing and talking; begin to expand your emotional body, and feel the others emotions. Many People can pick up on the psychic and empathic current in the room, which can be more noticeable than you may think. Another method of establishing an empathic rapport is by creating a link to that person, group of people, or even animals.



Every person we come in contact with, and especially touch; we form subtle links. These links are mental and spiritual bonds between two individuals. Some links are strong, others weak; but they are always formed. Over time these links seem to form an interweaving tapestry, interconnecting all people through space and time. Many of the links that fall under this distinction are often referred to as “warp links”, as the connection is soo strong, the person seems to jump almost instantaneously to that person, even over greater distances instantly. Some of these stronger links can be empathic, others telepathic, some are linked in on one level, and others all levels which help form “soul circles”.
Intentionally creating a strong link can be done in the following manner:

To create a link– begin by creating a focused stream of energy or even a tendril to the target you wish to connect with. Focus on strengthening the link with your mind.
After the link is strengthened, begin by opening your mind to the feelings of the target, but be aware of your own emotions as well. Mindfulness of your own emotions should be paid attention to because, just as you can receive emotions, you can also send emotions to your target. If you’re incapable of keeping your own emotions in check, it can be difficult at first to differentiate your own emotions with that of the targets.
As time develops you will learn to keep the link and maintain it over greater distances.

Tracing a link– If you notice that someone is linking to you without your consent; essentially spying on your activities, and it is unwanted or someone is feeding on you indirectly; one way to isolate the source is by tracing the link. This can be done by finding the point of the link and sending feedback, by which you are purely seeing where it goes. Sometimes if the person is skilled they will feed through an intermediary as a first step to disguising their activities(covered later in this book); if they are really skilled they may use several. With time, skill and perseverance all links can be tracked to its original source. Unless the person terminated the link before the final person link was established.

If you know a person that has established the link with you, and is online or using a medium that is easily traceable, and has posted a location of where they live on a website, or on a site like “Myface”; then you should utilize the information given such as the persons location, which will be the function of your focus. Any gain in an acquisition of focus, is equated to a greater concentration of intent. Therefore within this greater intent, it will bring you back to a more powerful use of the Magickal Formula.

Severing a link
– When you want to sever or close the link, simply visualize the energy stream closing down and detaching and drawing apart. Another method is to imagine physically cutting the link 3 times. The later method seems to be a favorite among pagans and Wiccans.

Filtering/shielding empathic overload-Keep in mind that when you open your self up to feeling one or more peoples emotions you can be overloaded with others emotions, that is why you’ll need to learn shielding first, in order to program a suitable filter to let in the emotions you want to feel and keep out the ones you dont want to be overwhelmed with . Another method that helps is Grounding and Centering which is a common magickal practice and will be covered later in this section.


The ability to hear with astral ears is called clairaudience. It is a precursor to telepathy. Like being able to pick up a one way telephone and listen in on a conversation. Utilization of this ability is a great way to hear what’s really going on in the community, and is especially helpful in nightclubs. However this ability should be carefully monitored and kept in check. Unless distant links are forged you should generally not be able to hear voices or people telling you to do things while you are alone. If this is the case, first see if you have any distant links, second I would highly recommend seeing a doctor; as hearing voices while you’re by yourself maybe signs of a serious mental illness.


The ability to communicate from one mind to another by psychic or extrasensory means is telepathy. It is similar to clairaudience with the exception that, not only can you hear the person; but you can speak to them as well with an astral voice or imagery. Some people are stronger at listening, some stronger at being astral spokespeople (though they may be the astral equivalent of being deaf as a haddock), and some are stronger at both.
Complete communication it is comprised of two parts; sending and receiving. Most people can mentally shout something or broadcast a loud thought accidentally. The problem typically is receptivity, or receiving incoming messages from random people instead of a focused few or person of importance. For this book, and its lessons; we will be focusing on learning with only one person. The type of communication involved in telepathy can range from thoughts, images, auditory experiences and feelings. As I stated earlier, for this reason Empathy is considered a form of telepathy.
Before you begin navigating a persons mind, let’s discuss the various different types and levels of thoughts that you’ll encounter. Have you ever heard the sayings “he’s on the same wavelength”, or “he’s on the same level”?
We tend to communicate with people that are on the same mental and intellectual level as we are. Drastic differentiations can lead to severe translational and communicational errors. To minimize the risk of being misunderstood we typically can communicate better with those individuals that are at the same mental maturity. Communication, like energy work can be done on multiple levels to reach multiple audiences but some of the message and intent may be lost. One beautiful instance of this would be a conversation with a woman who has a “Valley girl” stereo/archetype and a genius (geek) who is in MENSA. The genius may grasp what the valley girl is saying, though may have to decipher it into the vocabulary the person is more familiar with; however the genius communicating the message may rarely understood (it at all) unless lowering the level of speech so tat it can be understood more readily.
There are four main different types of thoughts. The first three types of thoughts, playfully called levels among some telepaths are as follows; Broadcast thoughts Surface thoughts, and shielded thoughts. The forth type of thought; “deep thoughts” can be divided into a whole plethora of levels.

Broadcast Thoughts
People have the easiest time picking up on broadcast thoughts, these are the loud thoughts you can unconsciously transmit to another person without saying anything. For example if Johnny is sitting next to Billy in a car and loudly thinking “what ever happened to Sam?”, and seemingly “coincidentally” Bill says out loud. “You know, I wonder what ever happened to Sam.”

Surface thoughts
The first level of thoughts you’ll reach when you begin telepathic communication is what we call “Surface thoughts”, these are the mundane thoughts that people have throughout the day. They are readily easy to receive and navigate because they are seldom shielded, and are often times boring. Many times these surface thoughts are also noticeable through body language queues as well. This will of course be covered in depth later in this book.

Shielded Thoughts
The next level of thought’s you will encounter when navigating a mind are shielded thoughts. As the name suggests these are more closely guarded thoughts, personal thoughts, secrets, and things that person does not want others to know. However as there are thousands of different physical nuero-pathways to certain thoughts, there are typically nearly an equal amount of ways to bypass even some of the toughest walls.
When I talk about walls in the mind, there are typically two kinds: ones to keep secrets in, and ones to keep in repressed memories. The latter if breached can cause those memories to resurface and in fact be quite harmful to the person if they are not ready or capable to deal with the past traumas. These traumas include personal hardships and abuse, societal traumas, and genetic or ancestral traumas.

Deep Thoughts
Deep thoughts are very hard to penetrate at first; they typically are more spiritual in nature although remnants of deep traumas like genetic and or ancestral abuse may still be lurking in this level. Deep thoughts can seem labyrinthine and nonlinear the further and deeper you go, like cascading neurons and thoughts that eventually connects to the knowledge of the soul.

Telepathic Messaging Lesson
One of the first ways to begin to develop your telepathic ability is to practice both sending and receiving with another person, in controlled settings. Start first by telling the person which role they will be playing; either the sender or the receiver. Then go into different rooms with a pen and paper.

The Telepathic Sender should begin by using the following steps:
1.) Send out a stream of energy or the emotion of love to the recipient while visualizing both the targets name and face, forming a link.
2.) Focus your full attention on the mental level and quiet all emotions, if you feel energy being sent to you, send it back to amplify the link.
3.) Visualize a specific message or image
4.) Send the message forth on the stream of energy or love to the recipient.
5.) Stop sending the stream of energy to the recipient and close down the mental link you have created.
6.) Write the thoughts you sent down on a piece of paper.

The Telepathic Receiver should begin by using these steps:
1.) Focus sending out a stream of energy or positive emotion to the sender. Visualize your stream of energy intercepting the telepathic senders’ stream of energy; and allow a link to be formed.
2.) Once the link is established use your own Will power to send energy to the sender, the Sender will in turn send the energy back in or to raise the consciousness of the sender, and amplify the energy, allowing both your minds to merge and relax; unburden yourselves from all emotional stress.
3.) Allow your mind to relax, and be clear and calm. This will make it easier for your mind to receive the incoming thoughts, or allow your mind to be more readily molded by the incoming thoughts or thought forms. It may take some time or the thoughts could just “pop” into your mind. If it does “pop” into your mind, hopefully the sender has a less cheesy sense of humor than my mentor, who sent a visualization of the “Stay Puft Marshmallow Man”.
4.) Write your findings down.
5.) Compare your results.

Telepathic Intrusion Counters
There are a variety of methods to prevent, contain, or control the flow of information that a telepath has access; once they have made a link to you. The first method is standard prevention; which is to make you look mentally unappealing and boring. I therefore recommend trying to think loudly or broadcast stupid poetry, repeat one “mundane” word or sentence over and over again.
Or even better, make yourself sound like a newbie…

Telepathic Communication with Animals
Once you gain experience with telepathic communication you may want to try communicating telepathically with animals. With experience this can be easily done; however animals communicate differently, especially depending on what type of animal.
The first step in understanding how to telepathically communicate with animals should be quite obvious: they don’t know English, so they can’t communicate through words. Pets may have picked up on a few vocalized words like “good”, “Bad”, “food”. However this will only get you so far. So how do you communicate telepathically with an animal? The answer is simple: “pictures” and visual images.
Try sending the thoughts of eating, or protecting, you can even visualize what it should protect against, i.e. certain people and especially in the case of cats, visualize spirits, elementals, demons, astral parasites. You’d be surprised at how soon after they’d appear to be “jumping and pawing at air” to protect the territory at your suggestion. Of course the communication works both ways, any animal person can pick up one what the animal is trying to say if they learn to observe the animals body language. However we don’t tend to listen in on the telepathic suggestions made by pets, familiars, and animals which once again are sent by pictures and visual images.
Animals are far superior at reading the body language of Homo Sapiens, so you should also not entirely refrain from body language at first; as it tends to confuse them. Once the animal has become accustomed to your telepathic suggestions, try to stop the body language and take it from there. Over time this can develop into quite beneficial and rewarding relationships for all parties involved.


Remote viewing (RV) is a skill by which a person (a “viewer”) can perceive objects, people,or events at a location removed from him or her by either space or time. The person does not actually have to be there, nor do they need objects such as television, telephone, etc., to gain information about the target. Generally speaking, Even with proper shielding it’s difficult to prevent a properly-trained remote viewer from gaining access to the desired target. (side note-this is where cloaking comes in handy).

In Scientific Experiments Remote viewing is often called (CRV): “Controlled Remote Viewing” or “”Coordinate Remote Viewing”

Here is a site for the: Remote Viewers Guild


Psychokinesis previously known as Telekinesis, is the ability to move things with your mind. Psychokinesis is probably a more accurate term since it means “Mind movement”, where as Telekinesis means “Distant movement”. When actually what is happening is the mind is moving objects by way of Psi or psionic abilities.
The problem I have found with this explanation is that it give the person that is trying to learn this psi ability the perception that they are trying to “bend a spoon with their mind”. In first attempting to learn psychokinesis, I highly recommend finding a tool called a “telekinetic enhancer”. You can ussualy find them at magick shops, Ebay, or from an Azure Green catalog.

You begin by influencing the metal cross like disk to go in clockwise or counter clock wise, by having your hands or hand beside it…After awhile you learn to develop control…And you learn to make it harder, and do it at greater distances.

Anyway moving on , once you use one of these tools you begin to understand what the misconception is..And that my friends, is that you are moving it only in part with your mind…The rest you are moving by force of will through the manipulations of your subtle energy fields.
To view the Youtube video click Here


Bi-location is similar to remote viewing however it is a partial detachment of ones consciousness, in order to remotely follow or listen into a remote conversation as well as a physically present conversation. When I first began studying remote viewing I couldn’t differentiate between the two abilities. I was deceived by such television shows as “Charmed” into thinking that it was a physical duel representation of being or being in physical form in two places at once. The easiest way to explain the reality of this is when you’re in a group conversation form of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) kicks in, and you’re listening in to both conversations and interacting.


While this is definitely not a “psychic ability” in itself; I feel that I must at least give a warning. One of the most despicable psychic crimes and intrusions that can take place is “psychic rape”. Despite those that like to be victims by suggesting psychic feeding “without consent” is rape (while it’s not ethical, and I don’t endorse it), it is not. However, psychic rape does exist; One method of complete violation I have encountered personally is when a remote viewer/clairvoyant/Bi-locator “Hacks” (for lack of a better word) through a link into the mind and eyes of another and remote views on a person engaging in a sexual encounter.
I’ve come across two effective counters for this; the first one should be obvious. Shield to try and break and sever the link between you and the person. If you’re alone or in a different room as the psychic rapist; the link “should” be relatively easy to break. The second effective method that seems to work is a form of mirror magick. Begin by finding a mirror and stare into it, then either trace the link back to its source; or by staring more intently, tell them that you are “on to them” and force them out with your will. After that, shielding is once again recommended. Later, you might also want to check your clothes for items that aren’t yours and may have been planted to keep a stable link

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