Energy Sources

Energy Sources


The following , is a brief discussion on the types of energy/objects/sources  Psivamps can draw energy from. As well as some energy not recommended to draw energy from.


Feeding from the environment is a common way to obtain energy, but it by no means is necessarily vampiric, average mundane people can do this. For example when a person is hiking in the woods, they ussually stop at the same point over and over again… You might think where the person stops is a low energy point , but you are wrong, the reason the person stops is that there is a high level of energy, and the person subconsciously knows this…they stop for a while and “recharge”…

These places might be scenic, just a place of high energy, or ley lines.

There are however Psychic Vampires that can feed off of such things as Lighning and Thunder storms, and natural events, such as Oceans, Tides, full moons ect.


Plants and tree’s can obviously be fed off of because they contain prana or chi. It is a good way to pick up energy, though i do NOT recommend feeding off of house plants, as they are easily drained..and can result in the plant either dying or wilting due to loss of turgor.

Prana/Chi/ Vital Force

This is our primary food (energy wise), It is Life Energy.


Ambient feeding is the taking in of excess energy from everyone and everything around you. Common food sources of ambient energy are malls, concerts, the energy above the dancers in night clubs, and of course the obvious People. .

Sexual energy

Very intense and powerful energy to feed off of. Immense amounts of energy are created during the act of sex and intercourse.

Emotional energy

Emotional Energy is intense and readily obtainable. Its a common source to feed from . Most psychic vampires can feed off of any emotion, but some may have a “taste” for a particular emotion.


Fear is very intense and an addictive emotion to feed from; Its addictiveness is due to the fact that there is substantial energy in this emotion.Unlike what most of us was taught in school, fear is loves true opposite; not hate. Of course there’s the whole morality issues that go along with it. Creating such an environment, in which to manifest more of this particular emotion, its extremely immoral and heavily frowned upon in the vampire community. Hense why i advise against feeding on this emotion.

Hatred “loathing”

Fear and loathing seem to go hand and hand, again Hatred is intense emotion; but not as intense as fear.


Saddness is another emotion, that varies on the intensity of the individual. Again creating saddness to feed off it is considered immoral…Where as feeding off the emotion to rid the person of that pain of saddness, is somewhat accepted.


Envy is another one of those emotions thats kind of muddy, and not that strong. and i wouldnt recommend feeding off this energy for ethical reasons.


I find this to be one of the weaker, muddy energies to feed off of. Personally i feed i need a shower after feeding on this type of emotion.


A strong emotion to feed off of…Generally quite acceptable to feed off of.


One of the most intense Emotions, next to fear; perhaps because it is it’s opposite. This energy brings us perhaps closest to the universe and or the devine. Unlike what most of us were taught in school, fear is loves true opposite; not hate.


plasma balls

Alot of psychic vampires, eventually try this because we’re curious…and its energy , but i do not recommend trying to feed from plasma balls, no matter how fun the psychedelia may be…it’s not very digestible or transmutable. ..You can feed on this spikey prickily energy..but i wouldnt recomend it.

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