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James Higgins Review

Psychic Readings Available

  • SMS readings
  • Phone readings


Pros and Cons

  • Independent Psychic
  • Reasonably Priced Psychic Readings
  • Active Facebook Page
  • Lots of Free Readings on Facebook
  • Only 3 years professional experience
  • It’s unclear as to how good James is
  • Jame’s appears to have stripped his personality from his public activities
  • You can’t get a paid reading from James

Is James Higgins The Type Of Psychic You’d Enjoy A Reading With?

James Higgins appears to have recently rebranded himself and we are not so sure whether we like it or not. His once entertaining and interactive Facebook page has now become an average Facebook page that merely promotes free mini-readings.

James’s Facebook is not linked to his website. You can’t hire James for a reading anymore and all of the interesting paranormal content and information that made people connect with him seems to have disappeared.

What has changed for James though, is that he is now a presenter for a psychic channel on Sky TV.  He also outsources his psychic services.

It seems as though James might be in the early stages of a new phase in his career. So this is what will have led to a rebrand. He may also be finding his feet in his new position, hence the changes, which is entirely understandable.

But as a potential customer of James, you are going to need to know how these changes influence the services you receive from him. And if you don’t know James already, you may want to find out how experienced he is, how he works, and if he’s legit.

Keep on reading to find out.

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  5. Get answers from your psychic advisor via phone or chat.

Who Is James Higgins Psychic Medium?

James Higgins is a British Psychic Medium who seems to use his Facebook Page @thespiritmedium as his main home. He is the son of Deborah Davies who is another Facebook Psychic and is more recently a presenter on a psychic TV show featured on Sky.

Here’s what Wikipedia had to say about the shows James features in: 

“Psychic Today current format as at June 2019 consists of a daytime show commencing at 10 am UK time. At 15.30 hours the show is produced live in the studio and runs through to midnight daily.  At 22.00 hours, the show changes to the After Hours Show on social media such as Facebook and Youtube “It seems as though these shows tend to discuss spiritual topics and also offer live readings to callers.” 

We didn’t find any explanation about how James developed his psychic skills, and James doesn’t explain much about himself at all. But his mother probably coached him.

James Doesn’t Offer Private Readings

James now has an ad banner promoting psychic services such as psychic telephone readings and texts – they are not read by James though. We discuss these in more detail further on in the review.

James appears to use his Facebook page to promote himself, and at the time of writing, he seems to be advertising free readings constantly. That’s all that has been in his feed recently. We imagine this is to generate interest and possible paid revenue from his partnership with his white label psychic provider or with Psychic today’s psychic hotline.

Is James Higgins Psychic Medium Legit?

In a way, it doesn’t really matter whether James is a legit psychic anymore, because you can’t get any readings from him at the moment. Unless you manage to get a free reading directly from his Facebook page. James no longer promotes his private readings.

There’s a possibility that behind the scenes you may be able to purchase readings from James – we just can’t confirm that. The only way to find that out if James offers private readings is to get a free reading from him and see if he offers you a full reading afterward. Alternatively, message him directly on Facebook. We haven’t tested these options, though. It’s a long-winded approach to obtaining a reading, especially when you can head over to a site like Keen or Psychic Source and hook up with any of their genuine and verified psychics!

It does seem as though James has something going on psychically. Who has so much confidence otherwise? Although we do have to consider that James may be a strong and active showman who can portray the characteristics of an excellent psychic.

How good James’s gift is though is yet to be determined.

That said, we haven’t directly verified James because we can’t get a reading. We can take the presenter role as some verification of his ability. There are also plenty of videos you can watch to see James in action.

A psychic we are on the fence with

We are just a little bit on the fence with this psychic, and we can’t put our finger on why we feel that way. So we’d recommend that you proceed with caution.

The James Higgins Psychic Services

So we’ve alluded to the fact that James no longer promotes his website. Instead, he has a banner on his Facebook page to promote a psychic hotline with his picture plastered all over it. 

It states; ‘call James Higgins and the psychic team today‘ You can call a number and pay via phone for a reading, or pay by credit card according to the banner.

These calls cost £1.50 per minute, or you can receive a psychic text for £1 per message. It seems as though this service connects to the psychic service associated with James’s presenter job, but it clearly states in the small print that you are not guaranteed to speak to the presenter. Which means that you probably won’t talk to James.

James may well have agreed to sacrifice his private work to provide this service as part of his contract with the Sky TV show. We don’t know the terms of the agreement but it’s important for us to mention this to be fair to James. We do have some reservations with the psychic service James promotes though. There’s more information on that in the next section.

How The Service From James Higgins Compares To Keen Psychics

Website Navigation

The navigation at Keen Psychics is immaculate. The site is modern and sleek. There is tons of information, and all of it is easy to navigate. Which is what you’d expect from a leading psychic provider.

James doesn’t have a website. He promotes some psychic services via a banner on his Facebook page.

The Quality of The Readings

We don’t know who is fulfilling the readings and text orders that James may be receiving from his Facebook page banner. So, we can’t verify them and neither can you.

Risky Options From James

By calling the number advertised, you are taking a considerable risk. You have no idea who the operator is, what the psychics are like, whether they are verified, or if they even specialise in topics that are important to you. We can assume, but we can’t confirm and that’s not enough for psychic services. More information is required to make this a satisfactory experience. It’s also important to remember that James probably doesn’t do any of the readings!

Verified, Legit Psychics From Keen

Keen, on the other hand, hosts a variety of readers, all of whom have been recruited and verified by them. They are even easy to sort and browse. Keen also monitors the psychics who work for them to ensure quality, integrity, and professionalism. The result? Their readings, in general, are excellent. But if you do happen to have a poor experience, they also help you out in that situation too by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can’t lose with them.

The variety of readings available from Keen is vast; it’s probably the best selection of psychics in the business. There are plenty of different options to choose from. And all readings are live, which means that you can talk in person to your psychic in real-time. Rather than receiving a pre-written and generic email reading.

With Keen you know what you are getting all of the time, no psychic is hiding behind a banner on a Facebook page.

Choice of Services

We don’t know what choice of services you get from James other than a telephone reading because there is no further information.

With Keen, you’ll have access to every kind of reading you can imagine as well as the most popular reading types such as:

  • Tarot card readings
  • Astrology reports
  • Rune readings
  • Medium readings

And you can choose whatever type of reading you desire before making a purchase. The site doesn’t decide for you. 


Calls to James’s mystery hotline cost £1.50 per minute, which is reasonable. Texts cost £1 each, and we can’t confirm the credit card prices as there’s not enough information.

Keen is very transparent about its prices. Each psychic chooses the amount they want to charge and all fees feature on each profile. This approach to pricing makes it easy to find the right kind of psychic for your budget. You can even search within a specific price range if you prefer. Last but not least, Keen offers 10 minutes for $1.99 for all new customers, which is a pretty competitive deal!

Service Guarantees 

We don’t know what the terms of service are for James’s hotline. Nor do we know if there is a satisfaction guarantee. There’s not enough information for us to determine these factors.

But you do receive a satisfaction guarantee from Keen!

Quality of Reviews

The psychics that James connects you to don’t have testimonials that we can view because we don’t know who they are! Keen on the other hand provides real-time reviews that are left by the Psychic’s customers after a reading and that populate onto the site right away – even the bad reviews.

This approach to reviews allows you to see the good, the bad, and the ugly so you can decide which psychic looks good according to your standards. It is essential to bear in mind, however, that most psychics will receive a few poor reviews due to the nature of what they do.

So to determine the best kind of psychic, you’ll need to weigh up the difference. A good rule of thumb is that 80% of the reviews are good and 20% not so good.

The Psychic Verification Process

We can’t verify James’s psychics positively, because once again, there’s not enough information. On the flip-side, Keen goes out of their way to explain how they test their psychics. They maintain standards by monitoring their psychics, too, which offers you peace of mind.

What We Love About James Higgins

  • James’ enthusiasm and personality
  • James’ generosity
  • What We Don’t Love About James Higgins

The Problems We’ve Identified With James Higgins

  • There isn’t enough information on the Psychics that James is connecting people to.
  • We are not sure whether James is more focused on attaining celebrity status rather than providing great readings.

Our Conclusion

James appears to be an independent psychic who is currently finding his way in his career. We have probably caught him at the early stages of his new business set up, and expect that more changes will follow shortly.

Unfortunately, the community feel, the focus on the paranormal, and the way that James appeared to be innovating as a Social Media Psychic seems to be fading. This unique style was one of the things that stood out about James in the first place – he was modernising a dated industry.

It seems as though James is becoming more like everyone else though and we hope that in the coming months he’s able to find more of a balance. It will be a loss if James lets go of the community he built on Facebook.

We don’t like the lack of information about the psychic hotlines that James now promotes. We wouldn’t use them because there is not enough information. They are impossible to verify.

Instead, we’ve linked some of our top-rated psychic providers below. These psychic providers will provide you with all of the information you need to feel confident in selecting the right Psychic for your circumstances and who make the whole experience a pleasure. The links are below.

And if you want to for a free mini reading and don’t mind waiting in line, online head on over to James’s Facebook page (@thespiritmedium).  He was promoting free mini-readings daily (at the time of writing).

Here are our recommended sites: 

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

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