Origin Theories

There are many different theories of origin, these theories and or memories have sometimes translated into the forming of various Houses.  Others however are just speculative and haven’t really been accepted. . In some circles of the Vampire Community belief in these origin theories is considered mental masturbation, since it can’t be proven; but nonetheless; These are some of the current theories. Theories are arranged alphabetically , and not in order of acceptance.


Some people think they are possessed. By a demon or other entity. As ridiculous as this sounds to some, This may actually be representative of Astral Symbiotics, taking a host.

Alien (Starseed) Vampire Theory

There are a rare few psychic vampires that believe themselves to be Alien vampires..Otherkin from vampiric alien races or the product, of energetic manipulation/alteration of their souls. Many otherkin vampires feel that they are vampiric due to an inability to process the local energy as they did in their home worlds.. Among those said to have done this are the Plieadians , Draconians, Orions, and Reptilians ..ect…

Atlantean Alteration

This theory delves into Atlantean mythology, saying a certain priest caste of Atlanteans, cut altered themselves spiritually, and decided to evolve as vampires.


The short version: Cain Killed Abel. God gave Cain a special mark and declared that any who killed him would suffer vengeance “sevenfold.” Cain was then banished to the Land of Nod, east of Eden. To Some Cain is considered the first vampire.



Some people believe that they were cursed or Damned by God…or Any Deity. Pretty much, similar to the Cain theory.


Some Believe they are the result of a disease. .Particularly the K-17 virus and or the V-5 virus …Unfortunately these viruses and diseases are fictional…They got this from the media.

Though porphyria /Xeroderma Pigmentosum are actual Genetic disorders that causes a lack of a specific enzyme in order to make heme.. (Garlic is known to agitate this condition to dangerous levels.) Hence where the myths of Garlic comes from.

Egyptian  Alteration

The Egyptian alteration refers to a period in time in which a group of souls chose to be altered, for their spiritual persuits.The Alteration severed their silver cord and, also broke/removed/ their navel chakra, and pretty much hotwired their subtle body. The resulting process was that they became vampiric,.But are able to progress spiritually with full awareness of past lifetimes.


There are some Psychic Vampires out there, that believe that they are the next evolutionary step in human evolution. Most feel superior to psychics, whom they see as their prime food source. This type of psychic vampire is mre concerned with the quality of psychic energy and level, than the quanity. They feed in order to maintain a higher psychic or psionic level than their bodies can naturally produce.


In Jewish mysticism Lilith is the first wife of Adam, who is eventually cast out of Eden. she refused to comply with Adam’s demand that she submit herself to him, and in the end fled from him by using the Ineffable Name. Adam then complained to God about his loneliness, and the creation of Eve followed, together with the “Fall” and the Expulsion from Eden. Adam, blaming this on Eve, separated from her, and for a time reunited with Lilith, before finally returning to Eve. Lilith bore Adam a number of children in this interval, who became demons. After Adam’s reconciliation with Eve, Lilith assumed the Queenship of the Demons; in some kabbalist versions she is the consort of Samael, in others she remains Single

One of the origin beliefs is that these demons were actually the first Vampires. And that Eden, Is actually referring to the spiritual plain, the expulsion is the transcendence of the spirit to the physical world. Therefore when Lilith bore the children these demons actually vampires.

To others, Lilith is considered to be the first Vampire.


Actually This theory, isn’t necessarily on origin but on genetics. Some Psychic Vampires believe That Merovech, the Frankish chief; was a vampire, and the Merovingian line , from which perhaps 10s of thousands of families are descendants of, passed on a recessive genetic trait, of vampirism.  This Theory is Most closely associated with House Quinotaur.

Nephilim or Watcher Theory

Due to the Head heart hands relationship of some psychic vampires, it has left part of the community to come up with the theory that they are remnants of the Nephilim.  or part angelick or fallen angel. The Nephilim were the children of Human mothers and a group of Angels Called “Watchers”.   One of the legends says that a single Nephilim survived by hiding in a cave that was sealed water tight. Hence, was able to propagate a line later.


Some people think they are possessed. By a demon or other entity. As ridiculous as this sounds to some, This may actually be representative of Astral Symbiotics, taking a host. .

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