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Is Celeste Angelic Medium Real or Fake?

If you have already visited the Celeste Angelic Medium website, you may already feel drawn in by her charm. Celeste looks as though she is very genuine and kind and you could go as far as to say that she looks angelic. It’s a fitting image for a psychic who claims to connect with angels, don’t you think? It’s as if it’s meant to be.  

Celeste, however, makes some bold claims. Here are some examples of Celeste’s claims: My parents told me a few hours before your birth, holy spirits of the Higher World have chosen and elected you the Princess of Light”.”

“ I was offered such a rare precious gift: the gift of perceiving the divine spark that animates the People of the Stars.”

“Since I know and understand the Prophecy of Angels, I decided to use this exceptional spark of light that connects me to Guardian Angels, and commit myself to helping others. As an Angelic medium.“

“I consider myself a divine emissary bringing the Eternal Message of Life, between the World from Above and the World Below.”

“Half angel, Celeste has the ability to read the lips of the Beings of Light.”

These statements may leave some people feeling inspired by Celeste. For others, you may well be wondering what on earth a ‘half-angel’ is, or what the divine spark that animates people of the stars’ is. You might even wonder who the people of the stars are too.  

Is this just a bunch of intelligent gibberish, or is Celeste as real as she looks? This is what we will uncover in this review but here’s a hint – Celeste is probably fake!  Keep on reading to find out more. 

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Who Is Celeste Angelic Medium?

To answer the question ‘who is Celeste Angelic Medium’, we must first acknowledge that Celeste as she portrays ‘herself’ is entirely different to who Celeste is. It’s this difference between Celeste’s presentation, and the reality that is is important for you to know.

The Public Persona of Celeste

We can already see that Celeste looks like a kindly woman. She has an angelic presence and kind eyes. It’s one of the first things that you notice when you click on to Celeste’s website, and that’s intentional.

Next, you’ll either notice the free readings or the text which we’ve already mentioned. Some people might fall for the creative words used to describe Celeste’s alleged psychic abilities.  Others may not. But most will assume that she has some sort of psychic ability. And since Celeste is offering several ‘free readings’ then what do you have to lose by taking Celeste up on her offer?

That’s pretty much all there is to know about Celeste.  We don’t know her surname, or if Celeste is her real name so we can’t search for her.  And Celeste doesn’t have any public information about her or her work available online, which is quite unusual for a psychic who is projecting herself as unique and highly desirable.

Who is Celeste Angelic Medium Really?

We believe that Celeste is a fictional character created by an internet marketing company to make money, which means that ‘her’ readings will be fake. We know this because we have seen many similar sites before. Padre Saint of the Angels is an example of another of these sites.  

Celeste’s photograph is a stock image, as are the images of all of the people who appear to have left a testimonial on this website. And the website itself is owned by a company called Replay SARL, based in Switzerland, it seems as though they may be another digital marketing company.  

So far things are not looking good for Celeste. She’s definitely showing all of the traits of a fake psychic. You will find much better, reliable psychics who will you give you genuine readings.  

Keep on reading on to find out why we can make such bold claims.

What Services Does Celeste Angelic Medium Provide?

There is nothing that you can book and pay for direct from Celeste’s website, other than one e-book. But there are a variety of free ‘readings’.

It may seem to be very generous to offer free readings, but that’s the point.  The free offer invokes trust, and the free readings are not so free after all. They are in exchange for your email address.  Once ‘Celeste’ has your email address, then that’s where the psychological warfare will begin. We might sound as though we are dramatic, but for some people, this is exactly what they will experience.  

Medium Celeste Wants You To Request A Free Reading

The sole aim of ‘Medium Celeste’ is to get you to request a free reading. A free reading may seem to be tempting and generous, but there’s a catch. The catch is that you’ll need to give Celeste your name, email address and date of birth to get the reading, which is a lot of information to pass over to a psychic! Plus, you’ll need to agree to Celeste’s terms and conditions to order your free reading, which means that you sign to say that you understand that everything on this site is for entertainment purposes. And in the case of Celeste’s services, that’s the only way this information should be used, as entertainment – you cannot rely on the readings to be accurate.

The Manipulative Email Campaign Begins

Now that Celeste has your email address she’s going to start sending you emails. These are manipulative emails which will trick your emotions, encourage false hopes, invoke fears and create problems. Emails that will attempt to trick you into believing that you must buy something from her to solve a problem or attain good luck.  

Usually, the products for sale are in the form of paid readings. But we’ve also seen scam psychics such as ‘Medium Celeste’ offer to remove unlucky curses that they say you were born with, or that somebody placed on you. Or windfalls that are heading your way but need clearing by either a talisman, reading, healing, or energy clearing.

Tip!  All of the above is a sure sign that you are not speaking to a legit psychic. Genuine psychics just give you a reading. They won’t tell you that you are cursed. Nor will they tell you that you need a talisman to invoke good luck or to protect you from bad luck. They simply talk to you about your life. And then they’ll help you to understand what practical steps you might take to help move you towards your goals. So, if you haven’t had a reading before, please remember this – it will save you a lot of money and anxiety.

Is Celeste Angelic Medium Legit?

No – this website is a scam. Read the full review to find out why.

How Does The Celeste Angelic Medium Service Compare To That of Psychic Source?

Psychic Source is one of our most highly-rated psychic providers. It’s easy to see why, if you take a look at their website – they stand out in every area. So. we decided to see how Celeste compares so that you can make the best decision about which psychic provider you should use.

Website Navigation

Both websites are easy to navigate. While Psychic Source’s website contains much more information, it is still extremely navigable. Celeste’s website, on the other hand, is simple, with less information, but it’s easy to move around. This is important because nobody sticks around on a website that is difficult to use. It won’t be much of a scam if Celeste can’t get anybody to hang around!

The Quality of The Readings

Psychic Source offers a wide choice of readings. Except for spells, they pretty much provide any type of reading that is beneficial to their customers. They also have a wide variety of extremely skilled psychics available around the clock. This means that you can get a high-quality reading any time you want one.

Celeste only offers free Angel Readings. You cannot choose to have a reading with Celeste. You’ll need her to send a link to invite you. It might sound prestigious to be invited, but it’s not. Before you are invited to pay for a reading, you’ll have been manipulated; either through fear, desire, or false hope. The readings you might purchase from Celeste will be to resolve an issue that Celeste has created for you, such as a new opportunity. But she will tell you that it’s blocked and that she is the only person who knows how to help you remove the blocks – for a fee of course! 

Choice of Services

There is no choice of service with Celeste, which is explained above. Whereas Psychic Source offers a wide selection of readings and psychics.


We don’t know how much Celeste charges for her services. She will send you a message and inform you of her fees when she has set you up for one!  But be warned, we’ve heard reports of people spending thousands of pounds while caught up in Celeste’s or other similar psychic scams.

Psychic Source’s prices range from around $5 per minute upwards.


Psychic Source has an introductory offer for new customers at $1 per reading, which is a great way to check out their psychics. The only offer you receive from Celeste is a free fake reading!

Service Guarantees

Celeste doesn’t offer a service guarantee, whereas Psychic Source provides a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

The Psychic Verification Process

All psychics working for Psychic Source are stringently verified and are also monitored to ensure that they provide the highest quality and most ethical readings for their customers.

Celeste is not verified. There is no way to verify her at all; not even by searching for her online. Unless you want to refute her, because there are plenty of complaints about her online that’s for sure.

The Quality of Reviews

Psychic Source provides real-time reviews made by their customers. All reviews – the good, the bad and the ugly are displayed on each psychic’s profile so that you can make the best choice about the one who is right for you.

The testimonials for Celeste are probably fake. Everything else is, so it makes sense that they are too, mainly because the images of the people leaving the review are stock images! The website owner will have had to add the testimonials, and there are never any bad reviews, which is not the case when you search for Celeste online.  

The Overall Tone

Celeste’s website, at first, and perhaps to the untrained eye might seem to be welcoming and friendly. You do have to read between the lines to see why she is fake, but you’ll never see a legit psychic claiming to be so ‘special’, or to be ‘half-angel’.

You also don’t find legit psychics making up strange phrases to describe their services such as ‘being able to perceive the divine spark that animates the people of the stars’. Whatever that means!

Usually, good psychics are very humble; take a look for yourself. Compare the difference between Celeste and a psychic from Psychic Source.

Celeste Angelic Medium May Look Sweet, But She’s Poison – This is a Psychic Scam Site!

Celeste is definitely a ‘psychic’ to avoid. You won’t get a great reading here. Instead, you’ll just receive some automated garbage that won’t help you. It will, however, bring more problems into your life that you didn’t have before, just so that Celeste can fix them for you. There are plenty of genuine and accurate psychics out there – you don’t need to be scammed by Celeste.  

We recommend our top-reviewed psychic providers listed below. We can guarantee that the psychics you find there are legit, monitored, verified and real.  

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