Newly Awakened

Newly Awakened



First let me welcome you to the Online Vampire Community (O.V.C ). On this page I’ll help show you a few of the things you need to know, as well as tell you some common Vampire Community etiquette. Second , this is a site for psychic vampires…But definitely not the only site, there are many good sites out there with just as much good information.. I have links to most of them, located in the Community section. This is however, a good place to start.

One of the first things you should be made aware of is “The black Veil” Which is a volentary code of ethics that most of the vampire community has agreed to live by… It’s mostly common sense, but it had to be said.

Common sense conduct within the Vampire Community.

1). If you introduce yourself as a 200 year old “Overlord” ,”Dark Master” or “Super Saiyan” or what not…You WILL Be laughed off the boards, all around disrespected, and treated like a troll…Just as if you Introduce yourself as an Elder…And we’ve never heard of you Before..Online or Offline.. Any one can be or claim to be evil or dark, or the darkest soul ever, but most of us know that without intelligence…you aren’t going very far..

Use your intelligence. That will gain respect among your peers alot quicker.

2).Use your own common sense, and judgement in order to protect yourself. If you should choose to ever meet anyone you have met online.. Meet in a public place..

3). Dont give out your private information indescrimanently.

Beginning to Learn About yourself and Others

1) Awakening is often a time of confusion; no doubt you have moved passed the point of being unintentional and would like to figure out what is going on. Also know that you are not alone in your awakening., as many have come before you and experienced something similar.

2)Awakening usually happens over a period of time…However some do awaken more quickly..Awakening ussually involves a shift in perception…possible paranoia, as you become more aware of your surroundings and the subtle intricacies you once were not aware of… This is normal, and for most of us this does pass with time and we raise to a new level of understanding and realization of ourselves and the universe in which we live.

3) This site is layed out in a manner readily understandable as you just work your way from top to bottom. It is done so in regards to importance with the Exception being Shielding..As it is equally important as learning how to feed and control it.

A word: On So called Vampire Hunters

There has been alot of people going around the boards saying that they are vampire hunters or slayers and what not…But rest assured there hasnt been a single case of any physical confrontations from these people, since the inception of the O.V.C. ..They’re mostly just children who’ve watched way too much buffy….ignore them.. we do.

A Warning: On sexual Predators

One of the reasons for not giving out your private information indescriminately is due to sexual predators.I would call these people demons, but i dont want to insult demons. Be Smart..Be Safe..Stay Alive.

Things Frowned upon in the Vampire Community

Grazing- Or feeding indescriminantly is highly frowned upon. And extremely dangerous if you are a Sanguine or a hybrid.

Feeding Frenzy: Or uncontrollably feeding in such a way that it causes harm to your donor. Having a donor is a relationship based on trust… And reflects poorly on the entire Community, when you cannot control your “Beast” or “the Hunger”.

Feeding on the elderly/Feeding on the sick- Dont feed on the people who can lest afford it… You, are better than that.

Feeding on Pets- We have developed a symbiotic relationship with these animals over thousands of years, Some have become our familiars, it is also a sacred trust. Do Not break it.

A word :To the Negative energy Feeders

There are quite a few negative energy feeders…Which overall doesnt bother the community…The main thiing that bothers the community is when negative feeders create the environment in which they need to feed…Purposely creating “Fear and Loathing”.. or “EMO” feeding .

Etiquette when clubbing or visiting a Haven

No doubt you’ll eventually go out to clubs and havens to feed. The Vampire Community tends to be very territorial, therefore it is suggested that you test the waters first…see who’s around introduce yourself…Before you begin feeding away. If you can, try and get in touch with the local community online, establish a dialog, then met up at a haven or club. (Of course meet in a public place as there are online predators, and you never know).-common sense-

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